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We had bad news recently and I decided not to blog about it.

I feel comfortable saying what happened now. After only 5 months in his new job after redundancy and a long period of unemployment, my husband was told he was to lose the new job. He had not done anything wrong. It is just that in the charity world, funding can be cut and his bosses decided it was last in, first out.

You can imagine how we felt. We had done an expensive move down South and now it all seemed a bit in vain. I certainly felt troubled. By his own admission my husband was not proactive enough about job seeking last time round. I took the strain as he went down emotionally.

When my husband shared his disappointing news a couple of weeks ago, he also promised me he would take action this time in a positive manner.

One job application went in straight away and he was rejected even though he met the person specification and had done a strikingly similar job. Sometimes things just don’t make sense.

Other job applications went in and we were waiting to hear once they close towards the end of August.

The day before yesterday a recruitment agency telephoned his work and totally by chance he picked up the phone. They were seeking advice on how to recruit a candidate. Miraculously, they were describing my husband’s skills and experience.

To cut a long story short, he saw the agency yesterday and the employer today. It took them less than a hour to make a decision.

He starts work next Wednesday.

It just goes to show what a positive mental attitude and little bit of luck can do not to mention a lot of friends crossing absolutely everything to wish us well.

Phew and all that!

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  1. So pleased there’s a happy ending for you all Kate. There must have been such a lot of worry though. A bit of luck can go along way Zx

  2. I am so very pleased to read this. Being made redundant – more than once – and in a short space of time has the potential to be totally demoralising. Housepoints to you and your Husband for being positive, proactive and being ready for the opportunities that come your way. I love this quote and it seems appropriate for this blog post:

    Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.

    Here’s to you having lots of luck for the rest of 2014 !!

  3. What a roller coaster of emotions you must be having at the moment, you must be feeling exhausted. Congratulations to your husband on finding a new job so quickly.

  4. What a shock it must have been to you both after such a struggle last year, and how wonderful that luck was on your side this time around. Congrats to your husband and I hope you all get to feel settled for far longer this time. We must sort out a meet up now you are further south, let’s look into it when the kids are back – am sure there must be a mid-way we could get together for coffee, Southampton maybe? Xx

  5. awww Kate this is amazing news and I am so totally chuffed that the new life down south was not in vain lovely xx

  6. As a said on another post, I am so happy for you all. Amazing luck that he answered the phone but it was his skills and confidence that got him the job.

    I was one of those who had my fingers crossed for you all and I’m glad you felt you could discuss this with me. You give people so much support, more than you will ever know.

    All you need now is to find you a role that suits your skills and experiences. I’m quite sure there is one out there for you.

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