New Weight Loss 2016 Linky

It is time for a new weight loss linky for 2016 – an opportunity for bloggers to kick start their weight loss and healthy living resolutions for a brand new year.

Welcome to Blogging to Jogging 2016.

I find weight loss and healthy living is always easier with a little peer support from online friends. Last year I lost nearly 5 stones and without online support I do not think that would have happened. Everyone needs an encouraging word, a great tip or some fresh ideas to keep us motivated.

So here are 3 questions for you.

!. What are your weight loss and healthy living goals for 2016?

2. What tools are you going to use to help you succeed?

3. What support do you need from others to help you make 2016 your best year ever?

I want to lose 4-5 stones this year

I have a variety of tools which I will talk about as the weeks go by

I need encouraging words on a regular basis – they make all the difference.

The Rules

Very simply, please comment on at least two other posts and more if you’d like to and grab the badge for your own post, linking one post per week. Tweet me (@kateonthinice) once you’ve linked and please use the #BloggingToJogging tag so that I can find your posts easily to RT them and you can also use the Twitter hashtag on Instagram if you have any relevant photos.

I am so looking forward to reading your talks of health, fitness and well-being. I promise to comment on each post and to promote via my social media networks.

Please display the #bloggingtojogging badge on your post.

Blogging To Jogging

From Blogging To Jogging 2016 is open from Monday morning until Sunday night for all your health, fitness and well-being posts so whatever your goals, healthy recipes or tips are, please do come along and join the party.

10 thoughts on “New Weight Loss 2016 Linky”

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  2. Best of luck with your 2016 weight loss goals. I’m not setting a target, because I’m worried I wont reach it! I’m just going to focus on eating better and watching my portion sizes and hope the weight comes off naturally.

  3. I have never understood Linkys!! I really want to join this one but I think I’m being totally thick and can’t work out exactly what I need to do…help? I write which (despite the name) is all about my Slimming World and weight loss journey! I’m always posting tips/recipes/questions/advice etc about weight loss so I think that your linky would be amazing to join…any help appreciated!

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