November is all about job search

The theme for the Gallery this week is November.

November’s theme for our family has involved a lot of job-seeking activities.  Every day has involved trawling job sites.  Most days have involved sending off application forms and CVs.  In November, most week days have seen job interviews all over the country.  It is proving stressful and very expensive.

My husband is looking for a job.  His skills are as follows if anybody hears of anything.  Remember he is prepared to locate anywhere in the United Kingdom for work.

* Advice  – debt, welfare benefits, housing, employment

* Negotiation – with third parties on clients’ behalf, with funders and partners

* Court representation

* Outreach work – prisons, health clinics, community centres, housing offices

* Grants processing and benevolence work

* Volunteer and staff management

* Training – design and delivery

* Media relations – writing news releases, acting as a spokesperson for an organisation

* Great IT skills

Here is what he would like from potential employers

* Please pay expenses if possible and invest in your recruitment process

* Please do not interview merely out of curiosity – we do have evidence that this has happened more than once

* Please read what he has put on the job application form

* Please make decisions quickly rather than prolonging the waiting agony

* Please allow travelling time to interview if at a distance thus saving need for overnight stays

* Please do not offer an interview and then change your mind and withdraw that offer

* Please offer feedback in a way that will inform future job-seeking

* Please consider alternative ways of interviewing initially – phone, Skype etc


I thought the photograph taken during a family day out to relieve the pressure of the hunt for a job summarised this month.


Working together

Trying to figure things out.






12 thoughts on “November is all about job search”

  1. I’ve been following your tweets and keep hoping he finds something soon. Not sure where you live and you probably have already tried this but have you looked at central DWP offices? I was just thinking his skills would fit in really well there.

  2. I’ve been keeping an eye out for your progress tweets Kate, and keeping everything crossed for you both. His skills are so transferable. Your comments re the process are really interesting, and I wish more employers would take them on board. I love your choice of photo, there is something hopeful to me about looking out to sea xx

  3. I’ve been catching up on your posts and so feel for you! The employment situation is dire, thankfully my husband has a job but he is worked to his knees by a company that is supposed to have a reputation for treating people well. Now the situation is so desperate and people have to work all hours for next to nothing I fear where it will end and I fear for our youngsters launching into this world. That’s a down bit! The up bit is I so admire your strength and resilience and wanted to reassure you that this WILL change! Things will present themselves and as you remain positive and proactive you will win through in the end, even if it’s radically different to how you first thought!! Take care. x

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