One day’s reasons to be cheerful

Over the weekend, I was informed by my husband that I am “vicious” and “evil” or that I can be sometimes. There was also some swearing which I won’t share here. He stormed off and left in the car at one point and when I was in the car there was some jerky driving brought on by his anger I guess which made me a little bit scared. You can imagine that I feel a bit emotionally battered. In the old days of depression, I would not have stayed clean or gone out. Those days are gone so I wanted to report on today showing just one day’s reasons to be cheerful.

1. Last night I went to bed really early. I decided to put some music on and had my own private disco whilst lounging in bed. There was some Annie Lennox, Shania Twain and Whitney Houston. I rarely listen to music as my husband thinks I play it far too loud. In a large house and with him experiencing hearing issues, I can now find a way to get back to one of my greatest pleasures in life. You can take it that I sang like nobody was listening.

2. I got up super early this morning and took the dog for a walk in the forest. I walk regularly with my sons but it felt good to have some time just to be me and to reflect a little. Dogs are great for listening to you and looking like they are fundamentally on your side.

3. I came back, had a quick cuppa and then did loads of raking where my husband has mowed the lawn. I have had about 3 sessions of raking throughout today and may do some more later.

4. I made my 13 year old son some breakfast and spent time in his room where he shared his passion for a new game. I noticed how much cleaner and tidier he is keeping his bedroom these days. It is not perfect but nor should it be. I want my children to live happily and sometimes that will create a bit of a mess. These days it is not huge and perfect manageable.

5. I spent time with my daughter talking and doing some quite detailed work on French grammar. She seemed to understand it well which is pleasing. She then went off to pursue her writing. She loves to write and has so many ideas. I may share some of her stuff on the blog at some point and see what people think.

6. Raking has given me some blistery patches on my hands but I have now found some gardening gloves. They are not a matching pair but they are protecting my hands.

7. My older son turned up having tidied his room without being asked to do so. He took the dog for a walk and spent time chatting to his sister and myself. I can now hear him talking with his mates online. He is happy because apparently some major games event is happening currently and he does love his gaming.

8. Messages of support for me arrived.

9. I found a course for people who want to teach languages to children online. I have signed up and am looking forward to learning. I love learning and miss doing courses. It will help with our home education journey of course. I have also arranged to pick up some French language learning CDS at the weekend.

10. I made a pasta lunch for my son and I had fish soup continuing my healthy eating plan.

11. I gave my son a French lesson. He got somewhat distracted as he often does so it takes longer than with his sister. However, he did understand what I taught him so all is well.

12. I put in a cosmic order for something and got half of it so far and there is time yet.

Today we have a mixture of sunshine and rain. It is a bit like my life at the moment in that regard. The difference is that when rain hits these days emotionally, I put up an umbrella and seek out the good stuff in life.

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18 thoughts on “One day’s reasons to be cheerful”

  1. Oh no! Sorry things are not good with your husband. I am glad you found some reasons to be cheerful.
    Listening to music always puts me in a good mood especially if I am choosing it.
    It sounds like a good day x

  2. I have a wonderful picture of you in my mind – dancing in the rain. If you can dance in the rain you can weather the storms. Lots of love. xxx

  3. Glad you can look on the positive side of things, even in some bad times. Dogs do look sympathetic, don’t they? If only people were more like dogs. Sending hugs!!!

  4. Well at least you are able to find the positives in your day but ideally Kate you shouldn’t have to seek them out to help counter-balance those horrible experiences you go through at times. It just shouldn’t be that way. Stay strong, as I’m sure you will #ablogginggoodtime

  5. Sometimes a row or a bit of door slamming can relieve tension: I hope your husband calmed down. Great post to focus on some positives rather than let the negatives bring you down. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

  6. That behaviour and treatment towards you is NEVER OK! Please know you do not have to put up with that kind of abuse. I am so sad to think someone treats you that way and especially when it is the person who is meant to cherish you. Don’t believe a word he says of it, although I don’t know you well I know you do not deserve that and you are far from evil and his treatment of you has no excuse. Keep writing, keep singing loudly and keep chatting to your kids and dogma and know you deserve happiness xx

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