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Outdoor space ideas on a budget

outdoor space ideas on a budget

I recently moved house and my courtyard area is lacklustre to say the least. Over the years I have lived in a diverse array of properties from an acre of manicured gardens to a small back yard. With the warmer days and blue skies encouraging us to spend more time outdoors, I am sharing my 5 top tips for outdoor space ideas on a budget.

Inject lots of colour

I love how this season  brings out the best in us when it comes to fashion. We go for more colourful choices and seem that little bit braver in the risks we take with our outfits. I am asking you to channel that joie de vivre when it comes to your garden or yard. Let’s fact it we see bright floral options in our fashion stores so let’s get bold in our choices for our outdoor space. You already know your favourite colours. I might go for vibrant shades and you may prefer pastel hues. Your outdoor space is a place to express your individuality as you do when it comes to your wardrobe. Look out for sales at garden centres and you can get even bigger bargains at community plant sales. You can have a lot of fun with your children growing from scratch with seeds and bulbs. Don’t forget you can make such a difference by adding a lick of paint to key areas too.

Outdoor space ideas on a budget

Regular readers know that I always encourage you to work out how much you can afford to spend on any project before you get carried away. You won’t be able to relax in your perfect garden if you know you have got into huge debt to create it. Become a bargain-hunter. Check out charity shops, Facebook selling groups and Freecycle as that other woman’s trash may well be your treasure. You will be surprised at what you can get. Richer folk pass on luxury items that are often nearly new as they change the look of their home with the seasons or from year to year. You don’t need to spend a small fortune on garden furniture. You just need to be super savvy at joining the right groups and keeping an eye on them until your perfect set comes up for free or an affordable price.

Invest in outdoor tiles

One area where I think it is worth spending that little bit more cash is on your garden flooring. Outdoor tiles can give a modern and sleek look to outside areas that look dull to being with. Lots of people are creating a seamless flow when it comes to the look they have indoors to outdoors. Tiles are less likely to cause slips and falls than decking. They also are brilliant in countries like the UK where frost and other adverse weather conditions can damage the work we have done on our garden projects.

Use items you have already got

We all build up so much stuff in our homes. It is a great idea to declutter regularly and send some stuff off to the charity shop helping raise money for good causes. If you are doing up your outside space, some of the items that are past their sell by date indoors can be repurposed outside. A colander makes a fabulous hanging basket with ready made drainage. Corks can be used as fun way to label plants or to raise plant pots off the ground. Old kitchen pots and pans can be transformed into planters. You can use Kilner jars to create fairy lights to add atmosphere to your evenings in your outdoor space. Old ladders and crates can become garden shelving. Get your creative juices flowing in using what you already have.

Get the family involved

It’s more fun to work on an outdoor project with your family involved. Will your daughter let you have her old wellies to use as a fun plant pot? Not only is this practical but it also serves as a lovely memory of times with your daughter when she was younger. Can you teach your children new skills in carpentry and gardening? Ask grandmas to get involved too as they often remember tricks of yesteryear when money was really tight Developing outdoor space on a budget can bring the family together to create magical memories and opportunities to learn together.

What are your top ideas for enhancing your outdoor space on a budget?




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