Pasta shapes and sizes

Pasta shapes and sizes can be confusing. I think many of us stick to the same old pasta shapes whether that is spaghetti,

Wouldn’t it be great to impress your family and friends with your impressive knowledge of pasta shapes and to try some of them out in exciting new dishes?

Check out this fabulous infographic from Jamie’s Italian explaining all the different shapes and types of pasta. It takes a look at where about in Italy they originated from, some food pairing and history to each shape. I love how learning about food so often involves a little history and geography too.


I am a big fan of pasta. My mum never used it but when she was away for the weekend I would cook pasta for my Dad and he loved it.

When I first started dining out as a young adult, a lovely local Italian restaurant would always be my choice.

Weirdly although I love seafood and pasta, I don’t like them put together. Apart from that every pasta dish is welcome. In fact, I may well check out Jamie’s Italian for myself.

A partnership between Jamie Oliver and his Italian mentor, chef Gennaro Contaldo, Jamie’s Italian offers tasty and affordable meals. I like the idea that the food choices are similar the ones you’d find people eating all over Italy. The family-friendly restaurants see pasta being made onsite daily and also offer an award winning children’s menu. Jamie’s Italian are also committed to only using the best possible ingredients and all produce is high welfare and sustainable.Since opening its first restaurant in Oxford in May 2008, Jamie’s Italian has become one of the biggest success stories in high street eating, as perfect for business lunches as it is for couples, young and old, as well as families.

Pasta Shapes And Sizes

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  1. i remember being wowed by reading once that there are over 600 different pasta shapes! We also love pasta and whilst we tend to have our favourites i occasionally pick up a pack of something different to try. this is a great infographic!

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