Paypal password problems

Paypal password problems caused me some grief today.

Let’s put this in context. Most of my money was in Paypal and I needed to transfer it to my bank account. I could not get in using my usual password which seemed odd. Of course then I started questioning whether the password was the right one and soon the system is smelling a rat.

Of course there are other ways of getting in including security questions. I should know the name of my first pet and first school. I do but the variations I tried for each did not work.

Shall we go down the confirm bank card details route? I get almost excited that this will work until I remember that I have new bank card having lost my old one over the Christmas period.

Finally, I could confirm my telephone number but it is showing the one for my old house.

I email Paypal UK and I tweet them too for good measure. No response!

Eventually I call them. I explain the situation. I struggle to understand the English spoken by the Paypal UK representative and he struggles to understand mine!

Now my Paypal address is a bit similar to my blog name in that it ends in ice. The chap on the other end of the phone could not decipher it when I spelt it out. He struggled to hear “ice” and “c” seemed to be a particular problem.


So I try to explain that it is a play on words. That does not work.

My CV says I am award-winning blogger but that is not going to help me now.

“You can slip on it!” says I.

No reaction.

“It is frozen water!!”

I am informed my “helper” does not understand.

“You put it in drinks”

No reaction.

Do I have to launch into “Ice Ice Baby?

Ice cream or I scream!!

Through some fluke, we get there in the end.

My lesson – always update your Paypal account with relevant changes as soon as they occur.

My question – why is Paypal UK using helpline operators with poor English skills?

Answers on a postcard or do I need a password for that too?

Have you experienced Paypal password problems?

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  1. Why is it so difficult. I had the same problem a few months ago when I was trying to access my money from a recently sponsored blog post. I didn’t go through all the steps that you had to though, but it was still challenging enough. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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