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I welcome contact from public relations companies representing products and services relevant to my blog, myself and my family.

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My children are aged 8-13 with an insatiable appetite for toys (hence my floor!) and video games.

Talking of appetites, we are big foodies too enjoying creating in the kitchen and trying new taste sensations.

We love to travel and welcome ideas for something to do for the weekend in terms of activities, places and accommodation.

We love the UK and also have experience of acting as ambassadors for Visit Orlando.

If you have ideas on how we might work together or have something you would like us to review, drop us an email on

Currently I am looking for a brand to cover my costs associated with attending BritMums Live, a huge conference for bloggers and social influencers. You can find our more about that opportunity and the benefits for brands here


  • Kirstin Hancock

    Hi, my name is Kirstin. I am a co-founder of a bluetooth technology company called Blue
    Maestro. We have been designing bluetooth smart appcessories. Recently we launched our first product Tempo, onto the market.

    Tempo is a bluetooth smart thermometer that records temperature over a 24hour period. Tempo has many uses, including monitoring the temperature inside and outdoors. As a mum of three girls I have enjoyed not disturbing them, especially my youngest, to check their rooms temperature.

    We would really like bloggers to review our product as we feel this would give it great exposure to the market. I always investigate and buy products that I have read about in mummy bogs. A recommendation gives greater weight to products.

    Our product uses cutting edge technology to communicate with smart devices iOS and Android through the use of a free app. Not many people are aware the term appcessories yet. We would like to change this with your help.

    I read many blogs and look forward to Tots100 where I always look out for your blogs. If you are interested in our product please let me know so that I could send you a free tempo for you to trail and review.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year!


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