Practicing Self-Care During The Holidays

Practicing Self-Care During the Holidays

The holiday season is stressful. Time seems to move 100 miles a minute and it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the pressure of feeling your best. Whether that be the stress of planning a Thanksgiving dinner or a Christmas gift exchange, it can be hard to remember to take time for yourself.

Especially with the weather changes on top of it, it can seem nearly impossible to think about your personal care. However, with these simple self-care tips, you’ll be sure to improve your overall well-being and mental health.

Take time to yourself

The holidays require a lot when it comes to shopping for others, cooking meals, and worrying about your family and friends. This means it’s easy to neglect setting aside for your time and doing things that make you happy. Life is all about balance, and that means balancing things you need to do and things you want to do. If you have hobbies, allocating time during the holidays is a great time to take a mental breather from the stress and focus on yourself.

Whether that be reading a book, playing video games, or cooking, finding your outlet is a great way to escape reality and boost your mood and strengthen your mental health. Don’t forget that it’s okay to say no, and spend some time with yourself rather than worrying about having to go mingle with friends that may tire you out. For all the introverts out there, don’t feel guilty about being mindful of your own needs.

Remind yourself of what’s most important

It’s easy during the holidays to lose track of your head and lose a sense of what’s important to you, but it’s essential to remember your values and what you stand for in order to keep your mind at ease. Start with embracing your family and filling your life with love and support from those around you. Not only are the holidays about giving, but likewise, receiving, and that means love and affection from those who can offer you a great support system.


Another element you should place importance in is your sleep schedule, especially during the holidays. Getting some healthy shut-eye can help reduce stress and visible tiredness that can lead to irritation and negative moods. There’s no need to stay up worrying about every detail of a Thanksgiving dinner or wrapping presents until 2 am because even your guests and friends will thank you for getting enough sleep.

Develop a self-care routine

When it comes to self-care, there are 3 main categories that should all be in sync to ensure proper mental health. These are physical health, social health, and mental/emotional health. As you begin to think about how you can build your self-care regime, start by considering what element of your wellbeing you’re lacking and want to improve. This is a great way to fix your imbalance and set realistic goals about how you can improve yourself.

For example, if you find yourself too busy running errands or hanging with friends, it might be better to focus your self-care routine around improving your physical health. This can come in the form of a spa day or regular face masks for women, and for men, simply trying out a new cologne or shaving products to trim up your beard with. Looking good equates to feeling good and if you find yourself neglecting your appearance, don’t be scared to treat yourself.

On the other side of the spectrum, people who find they are working on themselves a lot may lack a social aspect of life that shouldn’t be gone without. For these sorts of people, it’s a better idea to center your routine around socializing and expanding your horizons. Make it a mission to make plans with one of your friends once a week or sign up for a new club to get involved.

All in all, your self-care habits should focus on better aspects of your life that you feel are imbalanced. Find what you’re passionate about, set realistic expectations, and get to work!

For more ideas on how to combat the stress of the holiday season, check out more self-care tips here!


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