Pros and Cons of At-Home Physical Therapy

Things happen and you either had an accident or had surgery. Now you find yourself limited in your movement. What can you do to help yourself get better?

You might wind up needing physical therapy at home. While it can be a great thing for a variety of reasons, there are reasons why it can also be bad. We are here to help with a list of pros and cons.

Pro: You Will Feel At Home

There is one thing that works in your favor – you will be comfortable in your own environment – the place that you live in and spend most of your time in anyway. You can move things around to ensure that you have enough room to work with the physical therapist. That familiarity will make things easier for you as you do your physical therapy.

Con: Your Place May Not Be As Clean as a Gym

This could be a problem if you have been immobile for a while and not able to keep a regular cleaning schedule. The chances of your place being dirty grows exponentially if you have a pet that sheds or tracks dirt around the place. If you smoke, then that will add to the dirtiness.

Pro: Your Family Can Get Involved

If you have family members nearby, they can help you by being there during the physical therapy session. They can also monitor how it is going and make sure that you are being treated well. A family member can also be of assistance with certain exercises when the PT is not there.

Con: The PT Might Not Be Able to Use Certain Equipment

The PT will be as prepared as they can be when they come over to your home, but there are things that they are physically unable to bring over. They could not lug a giant weight machine to your place, for example. So there are some limitations that they will need to work around with physical therapy.

These are just some of the things that you need to consider when it comes to in-home physical therapy. You may find that the pros outweigh the cons or vice versa. But you need to do what is best for you.

There is no perfect system. Some people have trouble getting to a PT office too. But you need to make the best decision for you.



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