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Protect yourself from chafing with Bloomin Sexy

Summer is just around the corner and apparently we are in for a long heatwave. I am not the greatest fan of extreme heat and one of the reasons is that you can bet I will be tormented with chub rub. If you don’t know what that is the other term is chafing. It means your thighs rub against each other in the heat making you sore at best and bleeding at worst. This year will be different though as now I know you can protect yourself from chafing with Blooming Sexy.
Protect Yourself Against Chafing

Protect yourself from chafing

Carol Westwood and Jill Mudge have come up with the wonderful concept of bloomers with an added twist of luxury. Yes there are other anti chafe garments out there but they are uncomfy in other ways. Think the sort of shape wear where your belly ends up near your neck or knees.  I love the idea that something that stops chafing woes also has sex appeal.

Bloomin Sexy!

When I received my package with the bloomers inside, I can tell you what a thrill it was. Beautifully packaged so would make a great gift as well as a treat for yourself. The bloomers are like longish shorts but silky and gorgeous. They are so cleverly made and are so beautiful that I doubted they could also stop the chub rub. I put them on and they looked super sexy – even my husband who rarely compliments said they looked lovely. The pair I chose are such fun with little pretty pink roses and double up so you can suspend some sexy stockings with them too.

What you need to know

You can choose a style that makes your individual heart soar and in a range of colours. Sizing is generous so you are advised to buy the same size as you would for leggings. Bloomin Sexy post worldwide. The most important thing to know direct from me is that these bloomers really do stop the horrors of chafing.

The founders

Carol’s background is in nursing, midwifery, health visiting and before (early) retirement she worked as a specialist nurse/psychosexual therapist in the NHS. Jill’s background is in dressmaking, textile art and many other craft  projects. I loved how Carol explained the concept behind the bloomers;

“In my therapist days, it was noticeable what a difference it could make to women if they felt good about what they were wearing underneath their clothes. Their own choice, not someone else’s! A lot of other anti chafe garments are made on a loom with knitted type fabrics. By choosing to use satin, tulle and embellishments they have to be individually made. We have chosen to source materials (as far as possible) and keep our manufacturing in the EU to ensure both environmental and working standards.”


This is one of the favourite products I have come across in over a decade of blogging and doing product reviews. They are attractive and they work. To be honest, I may have to summon up the courage to wear them as outerwear. They really do make me feel that good!






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