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Putting my best boot forward with love and smiles

After a heavy week on the Best Boot Forward front last week, the lovely Chloe is lightening things up with some great questions on love and smiles to reflect on in our weekly linky.

Do you have something or someone in your life that makes you smile on a regular basis?

The someone has to be my son Ramsey who is a comic genius with fantastic word play. He also has a very expressive face which can make me chuckle without him saying a single word. He is very aware of his charisma and the power of it which I think will serve him very well in life.

My other children make me smile too of course but can’t drag me out of a down day as much as Ramsey.

What do you love about your life?

I love how balanced it is now with family, friends, work and play. I enjoy time both inside and out. I also enjoy I am no longer blighted by depression so can just decide to have a go at something without stressing about it. I love that my FB blogging groups and the Best Boot Forward FB community for women are going from strength to strength with very good hearts coming together. I love enjoying the present and having faith in my future.

2.How can you draw on this special feeling to help you keep moving forward on your quest to reaching your goals?

I think that I answered that a little in question 2. This is very typical of me and I have embarrassed many an interview panel as they asked me the first question and then I incorporated the other questions on their list into my first response. I guess I have a lot to say.

Seriously though, I think I move forward quite naturally now and want to encourage others to do so as it is so easy and so negative to get stuck.

I intend to review my Best Boot Forward goals in detail monthly but keep them in mind all the time so that they happen or if not, that there are very good reasons why not.

3.Can you do, or have you recently done something positive for someone in your life? Often, a great way to feel good about ourselves is to do something selfless – big or small. Could you perhaps lend a helping hand to a friend or maybe you have recently raised funds for charity?

I have a strong record of supporting charities by donating, volunteering, working for and managing them. To some extent doing this with such commitment took its toll on my wellbeing.

I now help charities via my blogging and social media and have a really interesting charity story coming soon from an amazing woman.

I give to good causes when I can and I am moved by the appeal.

I like to use my blog to support women who I still feel can get such a raw deal in society.


You can find out all about Best Boot Forward and get involved.

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  • Emma Reed

    I love this idea. New Years resolutions rarely stick but giving yourself positive achievable goals each week can have such an impact. Loving your group too it is so helpful and supportive xx

  • chickenruby

    i do that, answer the next lot of questions in the first part, i’ve decided not to address each question as i find i wander and end up covering it anyway. what charities are you currently supporting? #bestbootforward

  • Chloe @ Indigo Wilderness

    Hmm, not sure where my other comment went but glad to read all the positives here! I think things have turned a corner recently and I’m so pleased that life is more balanced and happier for you! It’s great when our children can make us smile, not only by just being our children but by having wit and a great personality. My eldest daughter is very much like this! I’m always doing the same with answering extra questions because I like to elaborate a lot! Must be a good thing!

    And of course, a kindred spirit we are always doing a lot of charity shop shopping so we’re probably keeping most places afloat single handedly 😉 loving putting our #bestbootforward

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