Relocation – feelings about the move

What a week! We have done the relocation and I wanted to talk about my feelings about the move.

We have moved hundreds of miles and are starting a new life in a new county.

Unlike the me of old, I am feeling a bit jittery. It’s not as if I had dozens of friends nearby anyway but there were at least some familiar faces. Right now, it all feels a little scary and daunting.

I am also struggling a bit to get used to living full-time with Him Indoors again. i guess both of us have got used to doing things our own way.

There is lots to be cheerful about in this slightly exhausted and stressed out week.

1. We are in our new house. It suits us well. It is so much smaller in some ways than our last place but a better use of the space there is so I have a bigger bedroom as do two of the children plus some really family-friendly storage. I have gardens front and back both of the small variety which is good as I hate gardening.

2. I had a couple of days with my brother whilst my husband took on the big move of our first load of stuff. It was good to do very little, to drink red wine and to spend a long time in the bath. The children enjoyed the mini-break and played dressing up games and had late nights.

3.When the whole family moved it was a good drive down and the pets behaved very well.

4. We visited the local bigger town and the parking ticket machine was not working. As we were parked right next to it, myself and my son kept warning people to not put their money in it. My husband put an “Out of Order” sign on the machine and with post-move hysteria, I did a sign “NO TWERKING” Most people looked at my sign but clearly read it as “Not working” but the odd person saw the funmy side and giggled away.

5. We seem to have been quite quick to get the house comfy to live in despite a lot of unpacking to do.

6. I am reconnected to the InterWeb which as regulars know keeps me sane.

7. My children went out in the street as it is so safe by the look of things and have made friends already.

8. I have done a bit of research and there seem to be a lot of volunteering opportunities quite close to us. I may try this as a route to making some new friends and finding my feet in a new area.

It will be OK, won’t it?

5 thoughts on “Relocation – feelings about the move”

  1. It i
    s so lovely to have you back!! I know you were on twitter, but not in my inbox (ooer Mrs). Now you have to give me a colour scheme and a room. I need a sewing project xx

  2. Wow! What a big change. It is always a little bit strange when you move to a new place (something we have done a lot of!) especially when you don’t have a ready made community to connect with. Definitely go for the volunteering as a way to get engaged locally. Enjoy setting the new nest in order!

  3. It WILL be ok! It sounds as though you’re making a storming job of settling in already – the volunteering idea sounds brilliant, as it’s a great way to meet people and put roots down into a place. Here’s to many more lovely long days as a family together.

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