What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?

I held off doing this today as I wanted to be able to report number one in a truthful way.


1. I have just completed a Fat Burner workout with Davina. I am obese and the 7 minutes was enough to get my heart pumping but not too daunting either. Plus as my daughter joined me I reckon that is our Physical Education sorted for today.

2. We got to payday after Christmas – always a good feeling.

3. My teenager has not made a friend to go out with at weekends since we moved last April. This weekend he is going out with a new best friend. This makes me cheerful as does anything which gets him away from the Xbox One.

He also did not go to a detention because he felt it was an unjust detention. I think he has a point but warned him actions tend to have consequences.

He also got a bad grade in RS for the first time ever because the subject was abortion. He tells me he did not really feel comfortable writing about it as he does not like the idea of it but respects that it is a very personal matter. His thoughtfulness again makes me smile.

2. My daughter is enjoying learning about Ireland. When I asked why, she said it is because she knows I am Irish and wanted to find out more about our country of heritage.

She also reports that she is enjoying eating toast.

Today she was delighted to receive a parcel full of amazing Baker Ross arts and craft materials.

3. My youngest son has reconnected with some old friends from Yorkshire. This has brought about such big smiles. He also had fun researching Icelandic rivers with his Dad and I enjoyed seeing them working together.

4. My husband has news of a tax refund today.

5. The cats are settling in so we are having lots of snuggles. They are at the vet as I write having their microchips done.

6. As for me, I am pleased to have set up two new linky things this week one on weight loss and one on learning at home. Please spread the word if you can as both involve parents supporting each other.

I am still eating healthily.

I am putting systems in place to manage my time more effectively.

I had good contact with a very old friend and she made me feel better about something that has bugged me for years. It is awful when people make out like you made something up and you know in your heart it is true. Nice to have it confirmed as fact by someone who was there and who I can trust to tell me the truth.

8. I am breaking out of the comfort zone at the weekend and going to visit another home education family. Scary but may lead to something lovely.

So on the whole a positive week.

How was yours?

10 thoughts on “What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?”

    1. Ha!! My new Davina 7 minutes is still in the cellophane too!! I already have the 15 minute one and admit it’s rather fantastic! But having lost a ton of weight in 2013 and then foolishly going into free fall in 2014′ I’m two weeks into weightloss again I’m ready to take her cover off next week!!

      Kate, try not to worry too much over the teenage boy addicted to his Xbox…. I have the same arguments with his Dad over our lad’s bloody x box as I call it. If I’d have had my way there wouldn’t be one etc etc – however, his Dad made the valid point that yes, the games are addictive etc BUT it’s kinda like his social life too. You say your boy has no friends. I thought that too about mine. But they were there, from school, on the Xbox. I can only liken it to us in this Bloggy world, with our Bloggy friendships x try to relax! Although I’d advise him to never question the schools authority at the time, just do the detention, then discuss it and his issues afterwards. I know that might smart for him. But mostly, for kids, that direct challenge to authority is like a red rag to a bull and I’m afraid he might seem to be under the glares Spotlight of that teacher for a while to come!!
      As always, I save my Twitter hashtag to sum up these occasions! #bloodykids

      Blimey, I think I’m about to win the record for the longest comment on a blog ever!!

  1. I read this yesterday but couldn’t comment. Love your reasons this week Kate! Well done on kickstarting your fitness and also involving your daughter, hope it continues going well. The home ed this week sounds fab! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. Loveky to hear about your son making a new friend I often felt so lonely as a teen so this is wonderful. Glad your home ed is going so well and seems enjoyable! Xx

  3. Friends, funds and fitness 🙂 All very good reasons to be cheerful, and hopefully more of the same next week x

  4. Where’s to start!? What a wonderful week. I’m not brave enough to try Davina, is it as though as people say? Yay for your children and friendships, what a weight that must be, lifted from your mind xx

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