Cheerful mum

I am feeling a cheerful mum today.


1. We have got a quote to mend our poorly car and it is not too daunting price wise.

2. When the car proved itself poorly, I refused to get in it. Him Indoors said it was safe to drive but I stood my ground and said I would not go in it or let the children in it until it was fixed. Heard myself sounding very assertive and liked that sound. I don’t have to do anything I am uncomfortable with.

3. When Him Indoors has complained about my housework I have just converted that into humour on social networks. Makes me feel much better. Did I ever claim to be a domestic goddess?

4. My son is going on a trip to a university next week to build up his German skills. I had a telephone call from his teacher who spoke in a lovely way about how wonderful my son is both in terms of getting to grips with a new language and behaviour.

5. I did a calculation today and worked out I have lost over 12 per cent of my weight in just over 2 months. That must surely make a bit of a difference on the prediabetes front.

6. I measured myself today and have lost 1 inch from my waist, 1 inch from my tummy and 2 and half inches off my hips in just one week. I have never felt so motivated and positive about losing weight.

7. I am enjoying being part of the Thinking Slimmer focus group and getting to know other women losing weight. I am also enjoying people linking up to Muffin Top Monday as we all offer support as we shed those pounds and stones.

8. I am enjoying my daughter’s approach to home education. She likes it when we do things together but also gets on proactively with things in her own time too. She is very creative and interested in storytelling, art and film-making.

9. After an anxiety attack, I am starting to seek support about my youngest son and how best to support him educationally at home. I am learning to allow for the fact that yes he can learn from video games. Today we discussed coding, characterisation and plot using video games as a hook. I need to meet him where he is at instead of making it all so pressured for him and myself.

10. I had a lot of support from home educators as I questioned my abilities this week. They are good at giving emotional and practical support.

11. We are talking about possibilities for holidays and suddenly it seems possible we can manage some foreign travel as a family.

12. I am getting more organised with my time.

13. I seem to have more energy

14. I seem able to relax better

15. I proactively reached out to an online friend regarding meeting up.

16. Him Indoora and my teenage son got a prize in the pub quiz.

17. I have had a few exciting emails with invitations and also giving me the opportunity to help others.

18. I think I am OK – this has taken a while.

8 thoughts on “Cheerful mum”

  1. My goodness Kate, that’s a lot of reasons! So good to see this positivity in you, it suits you. You are am inspiration regarding the weight loss, and I’m so bloody proud of you xxxx

  2. So many lovely reasons to be cheerful! With cars, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry; well done on standing your ground and working towards getting it sorted. You must be so chuffed about your son; well done on your hardwork on your children! #R2BC

  3. I especially love the way you began and finished this post: and if you ever write something about how to use an interest in video games for educational purposes, make sure you let me know, as I would be very very interested x

  4. Wow wow so many happy thoughts I love this! Hope your youngest is ok anxiety is such a monster I hope he can overcome any fears with your support and encouragement. My brother played loads of games elc he’s a tech wiz it’s not always bad 🙂 well done weight loss very pleased for you lovely lady! Xx

  5. Life really is on the up for you right now. Be proud as you have achieved all of this due to your determination & grit. So happy that you are happy x

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