Smile! – There are loads of reasons to be cheerful

I don’t feel cheerful but I know it is important to force a smile!

I have got the glums partly brought on by the lack of enthusiasm for my weight loss by the GP yesterday. I know it is stupid to let people set me back like that but I always take these things to heart.

I am having a rum and coke to cheer myself up – feels most odd as have not had a drink for weeks.

1. Last weekend, we had a lovely day out in Dorset including a ferry ride and a trip to Corfe Castle. What a lovely find and we will be back.

2. I have reached out to people and now have 2 social events in the diary and others to firm up. Who knew?

3. My husband is getting a bonus at work – small probably but shows his work is going OK with is a relief.

4. Despite having the blues yesterday and today, I have not indulged in comfort eating.

5. My husband has promised me FUN this weekend. He is researching things for us to do as we speak so all the signs are good. He knows how I get so bored sometimes.

6. I may well cook up a storm for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

7. We or should I say Him Indoors sorted out a troubling financial issue.

8. I have my new to me £10 sofa exactly where I want it.

9. I am hoping to sort out my daughter’s room this weekend and to get her new bed installed.

10. You see, life is not so bad really.

5 thoughts on “Smile! – There are loads of reasons to be cheerful”

  1. The glums are ok, as long as you’re not comfort eating (unfortunately, that’s exactly what I do). Let’s hope your OH comes up with something good! Look forward to hearing what it is xx

  2. I can’t believe you’ve got the glums, and still thought of 10 reasons to be cheerful! Good work!
    I heard somewhere that forcing ourselves to think of reasons to be cheerful on a regular basis can actually train our brains to naturally look on the bright side.

  3. Enjoy your Valentines! Hope you get up to something exciting this weekend can’t wait to hear of him indoors planned anything!? Keep going with your weight lovely you’re doing good set your own targets and let the gp go over your head if you have to, not the way to encourage people in my viewxx

  4. You’re doing fantastically with your weight loss, slow and steady is far better than a rush of weight – which more than likely goes back on.
    Let the GP comments wash over your head.
    I’m looking forward to seeing you at Britmums x

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