Happy hour for mum

This is my happy hour for mum where I consider all the good things in my life.

My first reason is that it seemed to take ages to get to today and I kept wanting to report cheerful things.

1. My husband is tackling DIY jobs with varying amounts of success but they are being tackled. He has also had blood tests and will be seeing the GP soon for the results. He also says he is going to access counselling. I certainly feel that redundancy from way back in October 2013 still casts its long shadow.

2. Although I was disappointed to see the grades predicted for my teenage son in his progress review from school, I suspect some of these are more to do with they system than my son. I fail to see how someone in top set can be predicted a D or E for example. I will be letting him continue at school but ensuring he gets a lot of input from me too to reassure myself. I am also going to really push to get him a diagnosis. School spotted issues at 5 and now he is 14 and we still seem not very much further forward. Anyway back to the positives, my real worries about whether he was doing homework enough seem to have been unfounded. He wants to go into acting, Law or politics.

3. My daughter continues to express such creativity in songs, script-writing and movie-making. She has very big passions and intends to set up an abstract arts business.

4. My youngest son did some positive work on coding this week. He tells me he sees his future in technology.

5. A kind mum has offered me lifts to home education groups so I have no excuses now.

6. Have a networking and lunch day in London tomorrow.

7. I am at the Savoy on Sunday.

8. Weight and inches loss continues and I am starting to make positive swaps for the children too. Food swaps – definitely don’t want to swap my lovelies.

9. Had fun with clothes for first time in years.

10. Have enjoyed some long lie-ins followed by late nights. A pattern that suits me.

A great week and lots of scary excitement ahead.

When will you have a happy hour?

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  • Looking for Blue Sky

    Lots of positive, exciting times, and very glad to hear that your husband is doing things, both around the house, and for himself x

  • Hannah

    Fantastic happy news 🙂 don’t pay any attention to those school targets that’s all they are they are set so when your child sits the exams they can say look this is what we predicted and this is what they got aren’t we wonderful. It’s annoyingly crap they ruined my self esteem with this but I came out with good grades and realised what they play..

  • Ojo Henley

    The school targets are a frightening thing, I disagree with them totally. A child can be good academically, but have terrible art/fitness levels. It’s a pity that the individual is forgotten in all of it. I am glad to see you and your children blossoming, on the home education front. I think it was such a good thing for you all xx

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