Reasons to be cheerful

A funny old week consisting of worry, powerlessness, loss, hope and impure thoughts.

As of yesterday, I have more free time as no longer doing social media for BritMums.  I have done it for 4 years and it rescued me giving me an interest after Dad died.

So I have more time to blog and not just reviews but some real from the heart or head stuff.  Back to one of my all-time favourite blog hops, Reasons to be Cheerful.

  1. More free time means I can say yes to the children more enjoying activities like inventing a board game for Halloween and listening intently to them.
  2. My son did so well with his  GCSE results and at the young age of 15!
  3. My husband is on late shift which suits me as we can sort practical stuff in the morning and I can enjoy my soaps.
  4. I am enjoying my work and seeing the fruits of my labours as it were.
  5. My brother is home from hospital and wanting contact so at best I am hopeful of a peaceful sibling relationship going forward with both brothers..
  6. I am spending less.
  7. I am getting rid of clutter which makes our bedroom and other areas of the house look lovely.
  8. My youngest son has a new tiger blanket which has thrilled him. He knows what he likes.
  9. I have  lost weight and rightly so as back to healthy eating. Looking forward to upping my exercise as the days get cooler.
  10. It’s nice to get back to blogging just for the fun of it!

Also very cheerful to see Mich back as a host or #R2BC, the linky that reaches parts other linkies cannot reach!


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