Reasons to be cheerful

It’s time for my weekly summary of my reasons to be cheerful.

1. I finished a novel last night. This is huge for me as although I love reading, I find it so difficult to find time to do it. I may well write a review as it was not my usual sort of thing and kept me with it so that I finished it in just over a week. Makes me think I can do it again this week.

2. I am back to blogging my way being open and honest, getting it out there and not worrying too much who loves it as to be honest, that is how I started and I think that was probably my happiest type of blogging in many ways. It makes me feel reconnected with my old readers and it also makes me feel that I am contributing my thoughts to posterity should they be useful in any way.

4. I have found the most superb place for dog-walking with a sandy beach and gorgeous views. I have a fitness tracker on so can get back to monitoring activity and sleep patterns.

5. Decluttering has resulted in us finding a variety of phones so that we are now all hooked up which is great as the children grown and get more independent.

6. Everything seems to be getting more organised and more balanced.

7. It’s pay day so I had a trip into town and because the cash machines were playing up did not spend much at all but got a glorious white fluffy coat and some leggings for my daughter, a Footprints poem print and a doodle notebook.

8. I am learning to sketch and enjoying trying something new. It is wonderful too as my daughter loves sitting with me doing arts and crafts stuff and all too often I put it off.

9. I am still dreaming the big dream and think I can make it happen.



  1. Michelle Twin Mum October 28, 2016 / 5:16 pm

    It sounds like there is a lot of positivity going on and I am pleased you are back to blogging your way. There is nothing like being vulnerable, open and honest. Mich x

  2. Hannah October 28, 2016 / 8:20 pm

    Keep going with that dream Kate. Lovely that you’re blogging more again and going back I’ve been trying to do the same I really enjoy reading my old posts because I remember loving writing them!

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