Reasons to be cheerful

It was lovely to have a little nudge from Mich about reasons to be cheerful. So what are the happy things in my world this week?

1. I had an appraisal at work and got in a bit of a tizz about it in advance. It went well and has made me feel more settled. I even have some money to spend on my own training now so am going to have fun looking around for interesting opportunities.

2. I feel there is more balance in my life. It’s still not quite the dream but I am working towards it all the time. I am being more selfish and I think that is probably long overdue. If you go unappreciated, you may as well stop trying, right?

3. The children are fine. I think we all could do with a holiday so need to think about that.

4. So far I am not falling for the Christmas hype. The children are older so I really think I will keep Christmas very simple this year. We may even go and volunteer somewhere for part of the day as a family.

5. This year I feel able to wear a poppy which means I have forgiven and forgotten recent events but have learned again to honour our veterans including my father and grandfather. Healing is lovely when it comes.

6. I have given up on fairy tale happy endings that rely on other people. I am going to create my own and has daft as it sounds I am actively enjoying the journey.

7. I find less things get to me. It seems in middle age, I will finally feel a sense of peace and self-love.

Will that do?

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