Reasons To Feel Happy

Reasons to feel happy as a woman and mum this week

I have a few reasons to feel happy this week and I like to capture them to look back on when times are tough. All our lives are a mixture of ups and downs. It is good to rant about the bad stuff and to seek support but there are always silver linings too.

My oldest son

It appears my oldest son needs me less and less really. I get short emails telling me he is OK and with the briefest of updates on what is going on in his life. Fortunately my brother takes after me and sends me longer missives. I am pleased that this week my son will be spending time with an old family friend and her partner. They are both full of life experience and will be great mentors for one week only or possibly in the longer term too. There are also plans for him to meet up for a dog walk with a friend of mine and her daughter.

My daughter

I was so thrilled this week when we were at a village party affair to see my daughter being brave and acting assertively too. When my son said he wanted to go to the car as he has an injured leg that was hurting, she stated that she wanted to stay to look around the fair and so on.

My youngest son

My youngest son  is his usual fabulous self taking everything in his stride even when he has a gammy leg. We have had a good time watching  video games today and he has just helped me get our runaway dog back home. He loves to have a job to do like that. Also I think I may have a potential music and cookery teacher for him. As both of these are his great passions, this could prove amazing and take a bit of strain off me too.

Fun times as a couple

We have had a fair bit of fun recently including bar visits whether for wild night or gentle coffee out in the sunshine. We went to a favourite café where I had the  most gorgeous fish and chips. They have books you can take for free or for a donation to an animal charity too so I got yet another book as if I don’t have loads already. We went  to the village do in  the next village. There was a hog roast which we skipped in favour of crepes and ice-cream. There was one of those bull things that you bounce around on. I have always fancied trying that but decided it might not be the  best move on this particular occasion. There was the fair with hook a duck and a bouncy castle. My teens just enjoyed watching rather than having a go. There was a beautiful lantern procession to Celtic music followed by a spectacular firework display.

Other reasons to feel happy this week

We are that much closer to our house move. I read an old post that told me I have lost 4 stones since I wrote it so even though I was disappointed with a negligible weight loss in July, I am on the right track if you look at the longer-term picture. I have had giggles as I do every week in this special place with its fun and kind-hearted souls. I have done a fantastic job of doing up an old kitchen cabinet if I do say so myself. Painted in a lovely silvery-grey and looks stunning. I continue my forest walks sometimes with my husband or son and often alone with the dog which I enjoy just as much. I am being proactive about things setting  up an account so I can offer online courses, joining a women’s wellbeing and writing group and considering doing English lessons for children in the village and also perhaps doing a Teaching English as a Foreign Language course. I have worked out that with a husband  who feels his age more and more and children flying the nest at some point and one already gone, I really do need to fill my hours and life positively. Oh and finally and thrillingly, I have a set of Encyclopaedia Britannica given to me for free by an expat who is moving back to the UK.

What are your reasons to feel happy this week?

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12 thoughts on “Reasons to feel happy as a woman and mum this week”

  1. I love that photo of you! Looking good missus. Also, what a lot of wonderful things to be happy about. I’m happy to have my girls back home from their holiday, even if I’ve not seen that much of them, the house feels complete again x

  2. It’s so important to reflect on the positives and the best parts of life! It sounds like you’re in a pretty good place at the moment, and I’m glad 🙂 #thatfridaylinky

  3. Yes, I need to reflect more positively. Today my girls played beautifully together and although the littlest pinned the eldest to the floor by her hair () she’s at least master the art of climbing – she’s 8 months. Haha.

  4. Glad you are having a positive week. My day has been terrible with Zach whinging solidly for 10 hours straight! On the plus side though, I have 5 new pairs of shoes so now need to clear out the old ones! Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

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