Retro Revivals: You Just Can’t Beat ‘Em!

Trends in fashion and entertainment seem to go in cycles. What was once super popular back in the day usually falls out of favor, to only become rejuvenated and mainstream once again. Pokemon cards, rollerblading, and even comic books are all things from old that have seen a recent revival.

This article has brought together for you the top current trending retro games and clothes that are making a ridiculous comeback right now, which might start making you feel a bit nostalgic, depending on your generation.

Retro Toys & Games

Classic, retro toys and games are one of the few trends that regularly and repeatedly rebound.

Just what is this baffling, enduring appeal of the pre-technological when it seems all our children want to do is sit in front of the Xbox and play computer games?

My Little Pony’ is a perfect example of this. You can once again buy the whole MLP set, complete with pony ballet shoes and scented hair accessories! There is one difference though, and this is that the massive creepy eyes that many may remember from their childhood have thankfully been replaced with smaller, kinder ones. ‘Care Bears’ are another fabulously weird old-school bears that have made a huge comeback.

Retro Clothes & Accessories

T-shirts emblazoned with slogans and images from our favorite TV shows and movies have been around since the 1980s. However, now proudly sporting our beloved cult favorites on our chests has now become a whole lot cooler. Check out for a massive selection of t-shirts designed for people who want to proudly wear their interests.

Retro Candy & Food Stuffs

If you have a sweet tooth that would rival Willy Wonka, you’ll already be aware that the best retro sweets from across the 20th century are available to buy once again. Did somebody say flying saucer?

But just why are retro sweets so fabulously popular?

That is a two-fold answer: They provoke such strong memories of childhood for a lot of people and, well, because they taste absolutely amazing! From blackjacks to cola cubes, from pink shrimps to beer bottles, and from sherbet pips to coconut mushrooms, retro sweets are now at the forefront of every sweet-lovers wish list.

Not content with just retro candies? Why not revisit some of the most popular American food products over the decades and host a retro dinner party in ultimate groovy style.

No retro dinner party would be complete without a Jello mold centerpiece, lime flavor, naturally, and a sunny pineapple upside-down cake. Add in a baked Alaska for good measure, and you have the retro sweet table of dreams.

More of a savory fan? Why not compliment your retro dinner party with a tuna noodle casserole ala mushroom soup. Tasty! If not that, why not try the mightly meatloaf. Everybody’s mom had a different recipe, and chances are it was on your table more than once a week. For the ultimate retro feel, what do you do with 178 extra pounds of leftover turkey? Flash-freeze it and bung it into aluminum trays and eat it throughout February, of course!



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