Reviewing my 2018 goals with Best Boot Forward

I am reviewing my 2018 goals this week as the first quarter of the year is well and truly over and Spring has sprung and all that. I am counting myself lucky that I have made progress and that I have the backing of the wonderful Best Boot Forward community.


Physical and mental wellbeing in 2018

I wanted to lose weight and am so pleased to say I have succeeded on this front largely by cutting down on red meat I think and only drinking alcohol very rarely at home. I eat when I am hungry and that seems to work well.

I have experimented with some veggie cooking but want to do more of that. I have a recipe book and can highly recommend celeriac chips!

My mental health is good on the whole except when I take on too much and get over-tired. I have done nothing about yoga and mindfulness but I can remind myself of that now and make positive progress.

Time out/Respite in 2018

I am still juggling a lot. I am still not good at asking for help rather than ranting that the bulk of housework falls on me. My husband tends to pick the jobs he likes doing like washing and cooking. I think I should write down what I do and then share out the tasks a bit. All tips welcome on this score because the truth is I should have started this whole process decades ago and didn’t.

I enjoy walking the dogs but do tend to go with other people and perhaps need more solitude from time to time. Having said that I have recently put a bed in a spare room downstairs so that I can see me time and uninterrupted sleep when the mood takes me.

Work and money in 2018

Work is going well.

I am ensuring I treat myself regularly. I am enjoying this immensely after years of putting everyone else first.

Image and style in 2018

I am experimenting with fashion and a lot of my treats now are clothing for my new suddenly busy social life. Recently I have invested in a lovely blue and striped dressing gown, a khaki embellished jacket and several fun T-shirts. My daughter has suddenly re-awakened her love for all things fashion so we have decided to have regular girly shopping weekends.

Relationships in 2018

My marriage is happier than it was a the start of the year. Perhaps more importantly, I feel less dependent and more capable. I guess this is a work in progress one so I will leave it at that for now.

I have a great social life now with new friends and much laughter. I do want to expand on the things I do to build in some more arty days out.

That’s not a bad life report really so yes I feel lucky as the new season brings sunshine and flowers.

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