The Shocking Tasks Homeowners Request

Hiring a tradesman for a job around the house seems like a straightforward situation. Once the project and price have been agreed upon, the contractor should just be able to show up and do their work.

All too often, however, homeowners make other requests outside the contracted work. It’s surprising to learn how common these unfortunate situations actually are.

When is asking for a favour crossing the line?

Tradespeople are masters of their craft. They specialise in the services they offer, and homeowners should expect them to do the job to the best of their ability. While this is often the case, too many clients don’t hesitate to ask for additional ‘favours’ while the tradesman is on the job.

As soon as a tradesperson enters a client’s home, it’s common to start getting seemingly simple requests. At least half of contractors have been asked to answer the door because they were closer to it. Others have taken phone calls for the homeowner or even been requested to pick up some groceries!

Sometimes homeowners consider a tradesman to be their personal assistant. Requesting the contractor to babysit the kids while they run to the store is all too common. Others leave their pets running around while the tradesperson is trying to work.

Even worse, many homeowners think asking for a better deal after agreeing upon a price and signing a contract is appropriate. Some may want an estimate without allowing a tradesman to see the worksite. Homeowners may even ask for last-minute changes or try to get work done for free.

Dealing with shoddy DIY jobs

It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to attempt a DIY project that that they do not have the skills to undertake. In most cases, they find themselves in need of professional help and call in a tradesman after the damage has been done. Plumbing and electrical jobs rank at the top of the list of most frequently abandoned DIY jobs. Tiling, carpentry, and white goods installation projects also make the list.

Many tradesmen don’t like to fix shoddy work because it requires more effort. They never know how much damage they may find in the process. Homeowners should also expect to pay a premium to repair abandoned DIY jobs.

Most shoddy DIY work costs an average of £200-£400 for a tradesman to repair. Even some straightforward jobs, such as hanging mirrors or artwork, can cause extensive damage to walls. Floor work, including tiling and laying floorboards, may leave a trail of destruction, especially if the homeowner hits a plumbing pipe. Even a poor paint job requires a lot of work to fix.

While this sounds frightening for tradesmen, there is good news. Over half of Brits do not feel they have the skills to handle simple DIY projects around their homes. They are more likely to hire a tradesperson from a tradesfinder site like Price Your Job at the start, and tradesmen prefer to manage projects themselves instead of repairing damage down the road.



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