Inspirational bloggers – Brilliance in Blogging Awards

I find myself mentioned as one of the inspirational bloggers

Yesterday, I got a huge surprise when I was informed I was shortlisted in the Inspire category in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2014.

I had not even looked for my name when the shortlist was published so sure was I that it would not appear. To be honest, I have hated the quality of my blogging this year. I really do feel it has suffered due to my distraction as we tried to re-establish our security and happiness following my husband’s redundancy. It seems to me all I have done this year is moan on even whilst knowing so many bloggers and readers face far greater and longer-term challenges than myself.

I never set out to inspire people by blogging. I think I did help some mums via Groovy Mums and also getting naked that time but I think that was more by fate than design. I do like helping others where I can. Is that inspirational? I just think if you can lend a hand to someone, why wouldn’t you and anyway it gives you a good feeling to know you make a difference.

Is it because I am open and honest that I inspire? The truth is I treat this blog as my very best friend and sanctuary and often think my readers are just a pretend world that I can escape into from time to time. I am quite scared when I meet them in real life having never expected that to happen.

So if you nominated me, know that I appreciate it and will try to live up to the inspire tag somehow this year. I am not sure how yet but with a new home and my husband back in work, there will be time and space to contribute something.

If you read my blog, please do check out the amazing company that I am in on the Inspire category not to mention the shortlist as a whole.

I am not asking for votes. If I won, I would only end up drinking too much rum beforehand and fall up the steps to the stage flashing grey knickers. I would be lifted up only to babble on inanely for far too long and forget to thank all the important people.

How would I hope to inspire in the coming year?

I would like to throw my heart and soul into something new

I would like to get involved in a campaign of some sort

I would like to get that book finished

I would like to do what my mum did for me and teach my children to aspire

Most importantly, I have learned that if people say you inspire or say anything good about you, however crazy it sound to you, you just have to go with it out of respect to them.

How many of us see ourselves as others do?

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