Should You Vote For Me in the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards? My Last Words.

When I first started blogging, I had no idea that people would actually comment on my posts.  I certainly did not expect to find like minds or to make new friends.  For those who don’t know, I just started blogging as my Mum sat up into the early hours fuelled by whisky telling me that I had always wanted to be a writer and it was about time I started.  She issued the now infamous words “Even if you just keep a diary” and that is how my blogging journey began.

It was many months later that I discovered blogging networks existed and even longer before a public relations company approached me about reviewing a product.

I had no clue on all the bells and whistles technology of blogging and I still have a lot to learn.

That is is the background to my blogging.  Three years later I find myself nominated in several categories of the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards.  Not only that but I have made the shortlist for the ourstanding, inspire and change categories.

When bloggers are nominated for awards, it is lovely but also makes their life a bit challenging for a while.  Should they mention that votes are welcome and if so, where and how often?  Should they keep a dignified silence or does that suggest they don’t care including about the people who bothered to back them?  Bloggers are individuals and some will need an ego-stroke of a nomination or a vote more than others for all sorts of reasons.   Some bloggers want to monetise their blogs and think that an award will help with that. It is all a bit complicated.

Then bloggers being bloggers and women being women, little controversies start emerging.

So here is what I think just in case any of the people who read my blog are interested in  my view.

You should vote for me in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards if you want to do so and also have the time to do so.  I won’t lose sleep if nobody votes for me but equally really appreciate anybody who bothers to do so.

I did not nominate myself and I won’t be voting for myself.  I don’t criticise anyone who takes a different approach.  This is just what I decided to do this year.

I won’t tell you which categories I would ideally like you to vote me for as it is up to you.  My personal view is that I do not deserve to win one category at all, that another it depends on how you judge such things and the other I can see reasons why people would think I fit in that but can also see that other blogs in that category are equally worthy.  As I write that, I realise that others would have different opinions on each of those.  We are individuals.

I am not the best blogger.  I am not particularly high up the rankings.  My blog serves me first and foremost and then I try to help others because having an audience, I feel I should do some good with that.

Inevitably, where there are shortlists, sometimes you love two or more blogs on the list but can only vote for one.  That is really challenging.  Personally, when I did my nominations, it took me hours and hours and you just had to leave out some blogs you really wanted to vote for.  That is the nature of the beast.

Bloggers are individuals.  They take individual approaches to what they blog about, to who they share their blog with, to networking, to reviews and events and to monetising their blogs.  You can expect bloggers, therefore, to take individual approaches when they hear news of awards.

I have always thought prizes and awards are a good thing in all arenas for driving up quality and recognising effort.  The Brilliance in Blogging Awards gets people talking about blogging which has to be a very good thing.  They also demonstrate the diversity of parent blogging today and that gives folks new ideas too.

And those are my last words on the subject of nominating and voting on the #bibs.

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  1. What a lovely way of looking at it. You deserve to win in all of them in my opinion. And if you di I’ll learn rum in your honour!

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