When Are Small Money Claims Worth The Effort?

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Small money claims may be on the rise, but that doesn’t mean you’re comfortable going to court. Like most people, you hate the idea of having to hire a solicitor and defend your actions in front of a judge.

Plus, there are high costs to factor into the process. In 2015, the charges for civil fees skyrocketed by as much as 600%, so claiming for compensation must be affordable. Of course, the flip side is that you shouldn’t leave money on the table, not when you suffer due to another person’s negligence.

With that in mind, these are circumstances when small money claims are totally justifiable.

You’ve Been Injured

Everyday activities are filled with risk. Driving is a prime example. You may be an excellent and vigilant motorist, yet a single mistake by another road user could lead to an injury. Twenty-five thousand people are injured in traffic incidents every year, with a 3% annual increase. If your lifestyle is affected and you have to fork out for expenses, claiming for compensation can offset the pain. Awards not only ease the mental strain but cover debts such as medical bills. Although it’s easy to feel guilty, car insurance that covers claims is required by all UK motorists.

You’re Owed Money

It sounds weird, yet it’s not rare for self-employed people to write off invoices. When people drag their feet, you can be tempted into making a poor decision – you compare the amount against the hassle and decide it’s not worth it. However, this leads to an attitude that will stick with you and prevent you from maximising your profits. Considering you have bills to pay and retirement to save for, the only option is to start civil proceedings. Hopefully, the threat of legal action will highlight that they need to pay up ASAP.

Your Pension Has Been Impacted

You work hard so that you can enjoy your golden years without the stress of a full-time job and young family. Sadly, Self-Invested Personal Pensions have taken away people’s hard-earned cash in the blink of an eye. Why? It’s since the advice was misinformed and not based around facts. Thankfully, SIPP compensation is a thing now as claimants and law firms understand the necessity to challenge unscrupulous brokers in court. You may not know that you’re eligible for compensation, which is why it’s essential to double-check. It doesn’t cost anything to inquire.

You Have A Signed Contract

Convincing a court that you deserve the award is challenging because there are many variables to consider. The good news is that you’re almost always in the right if you have a contract. The fact that the opposing party has signed the document means they entered into the agreement willingly and understand their responsibilities. Typically, disputes are with landlords and employers who have mistreated you or failed to provide a service as advertised. Never underestimate the power of a signature.

Small money claims are stressful and full of hassle. Still, they are necessary when you’re the victim.


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