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Smells nice!

What smells nice? Scents and fragrances and don’t you love this quote?


1. I have a 5 bird roast cooking for dinner and it is making my nose buzz in anticipation.

2. I am taking time to smell the rose of life fuelled by Prozac. It is my first week back on my medication and I have only had one not so great day. That’s a pretty good average and we learn from the troublesome days too.

3. I am smelling out who my real friends are and who is able to support me and who doesn’t want or is ill-equipped to do so.

4. I smell wonderful because I have Katy Perry’s “Killer Queen” perfume, new bubble bath and new deodorant.

5. I am getting very good at smelling out bargains when food shopping. I get a thrill out of this and of course it helps the family budget.

6. My husband and son used their noses to find a gaming café which they both enjoyed two days in a row.

7. Our pancakes smelt and tasted amazing and the feast is continuing for days!

8. I am sniffing out new linkies, new opportunities and new horizons.

9. Slowly but surely, I am waking up and smelling the coffee and I always loved coffee!

What lovely smells are in our world right now?

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