Smiles all round

It is good when it is smiles all round in a family.


It is always a good sign when I post my weekly reasons to be cheerful late on a Friday or beyond.

1. Him Indoors has had positive feedback on how he is doing in his new job. I am not sure it is 100 per cent the right job for him but for now it gives us some much needed breathing space from total insecurity.

2. My eldest son came home thrilled to bits that his RS teacher has said he is on target for A or A star at GCSE level. I knew he would love this subject and good results must suggest he is settling well in his new school. He is also reporting having a laugh with new mates so all good.

3. My daughter is so keen on our home education journey. When I finish teaching for the day, she often carries on doing her own thing especially on the art and design front. We are studying Ancient Egypt in quite an in-depth way and both of us are enjoying it.

4. My youngest son refused to go to school on Monday. By Tuesday after a lot of long conversations we had made the decision that home education was the best option for him too. This was rather daunting as he is the most strong-willed of my children and not always easy to persuade of the things you want him to do. However, I am pleased to report that the week has gone well.

4. We had a lovely session this afternoon with all 3 children working together whilst I had a bubble bath. The shared what they knew about Egypt and it was interesting to see how they all tackled the task in different ways. We then watched videos about the River Nile and they did a crossword only struggling to find the word “arable”

5. My husband seems reassured that I have looked at the National Curriculum and will put that learning in place but only as a minimum. There is far more learning and fun to be had than that.

6. I love not being chained to laying out uniform, checking bookbags, stressing about homeworks and having to be somewhere at the same time every day for school runs. I like the freedom and flexibility of home education. I am also inevitably less lonely during the days. I also adore snuggling up to learn together.

7. We went up to London at the weekend for a creative food workshop organised by Actimel for Kids. We then went on to the Museum of London for muffins (not me!) and drinks. Him Indoors and my son went on a tour where my son ended up presenting just as much as the tour guide apparently. Myself and my daughter took a more leisurely approach exploring the bits that interested us most.

8. Him Indoors is working shifts which means we get some mornings together. It also means I can be in charge of the remote in the evenings. Result!

9. I am looking forward to the weekend and visiting a museum locally. We can’t get enough of this learning business.

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    1. It certainly seems that when home education works, it works very well indeed! So glad it’s going well for you all x

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