Sown and Grown cereal

Sown & Grown is an exciting new cereal brand.

Sown & Grown comes in six varieties (three granolas and three mueslis) and is slowly being rolled out across the UK, exclusively in Sainsbury’s.

We are always keen to try new cereals and to try out healthier options.

Sown and Grown was developed by husband & wife team Phil and Rachel Toms. Sown and Grown uses only British grains. Rachel is a home economist and mum which reassures me that the right sort of brains are behind this new cereal.

We loved how it came in a tube with a seal top so it stays fresh and does not spill everywhere. We are going to experiment with it and see if it can be added to crubles and the like.

We tried the granola and let’s just say it did not last long at all in this house!

Here is what Him Indoors has to say “Enjoyed the granola, probably more than I do muesli. The Blueberries gave a sharp tangy flavour. Could we have more please as it all went so quickly we didn’t have time to note down the good points?”

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