Starting vlogging and those little insecurities kick in

Starting vlogging is one of those things that I keep intending to do but it is so easy to put off. What if you think I am the ugliest thing you ever saw? What if you hate my Yorkshire accent? That is before we even get into things like how am I going to find a clean, tidy and suitably yummy mummy type environment in which to do my Zeigfield Follies bit. Oh Lord, I have just realised there is clothing to think about too as a slummy mummy who is guaranteed to spill something down her front just at the wrong moment. Maybe starting vlogging is a daft idea.


Anyway, I have just dispatched Him Indoors off to Argos to pick up a video camera type thing and a memory card just in case I forget to vlog I suppose.

So if I had my shiny blue video machine type thing to hand now, I would be vlogging all my reasons to be cheerful.

  1. Starting vlogging – by blogging about it, I have to take the plunge, right?
  2. My teen had another operation after the first one did not work. Today we got the all clear after biopsies so that is a relief. He is back to school on Monday and has so much to catch up with.
  3. My daughter has an eye appointment rearranged for next week so we have a totally free of responsibilities weekend coming up.
  4. My youngest son is spending more and more quality time with me and I have more time available because I am doing a super course that is helping me work out my priorities and work more effectively.
  5. Various bits of important paperwork are going to all the right places and these days I feel so much less overwhelmed by stuff.
  6. I am considering doing some counselling to assist my thoughts and feelings as I revel in a mid-life crisis.
  7. I have had a little wander to the charity shops and picked up a really funny mug for 50 pence and a relaxation CD for the same price.
  8. I have won an home education blog via DownsSideUp. It’s by Ross Mountney who keeps many a home educator sane when we have our inevitable wobbles.

There’s a  lot of very lovely things to report and as for starting vlogging, time will tell.

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6 thoughts on “Starting vlogging and those little insecurities kick in”

  1. You go girl 😉 vlogging can do a lot for your confidence! Ill look out for your first one! Hope the eye test goes well great to have a free weekend and glad to hear your son is getting on okay hopefully catching up won’t be too hard or stressful x

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