No surprises

A charmer of sorts

Of no interest initially

A birthday peck on the cheek

And then he bought a raffle ticket

Which made me look at him in a different way

And he won

So we went on a weekend break

After a coffee date

That I still don’t know why I agreed to

Ignoring those who said he was sinister

And then the big secret

That shall not be named

And then finding a birth certificate

For his birthdate but not his name

A worry

Pretend it is not so

He says all the right things

And a gun – what is that about?

All explained

And I always was naive




Being let down

Bashed in the nose


Or was it?

Princess. Babe. Confusing romance.

The runaway

The theft

The anguish

The desperation

The following

The infidelity

The wake-up call

The end

If you think the Widower could not happen to you

Be afraid, be very afraid.

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