Hospital blunders are irritating at the very least and sometimes downright dangerous.

I had no real experience of hospitals until I gave birth to my first child. At one of my first appointments, my records were muddled up with someone of the same name. Understandable perhaps as quite a coincidence that someone with the same name as me should be pregnant at exactly the same time as me in such a small country town.

With my third child, I was told by a midwife that after spotting late in pregnancy, his view was that I should never have left hospital until I gave birth. All was well in the end and I delivered a bouncing 11 and a half pounder!

My husband has really suffered due to hospital blunders. He has 3 forms of psoriasis which is unsightly and leaves him embarrassed and often in extreme pain. After decades of various treatments he was given injections which made the condition really manageable and reduced the scaling to almost nothing. When we moved between hospital areas, the injections stopped and he is now as bad as he ever was although fortunately has lobbied and is now back on the injections. My husband wrote to anyone who would listen which helped but not every person feels capable of doing that.

With both my late parents, I felt mistakes were made both clerical ones leading to lack of check-ups after major illness and my poor Dad falling due to lack of staffing during the night. I don’t think it is right that other elderly patients had to pick him up and get him back to bed.

If things are to improve, there needs to be a culture of openess that investigates concerns and learns from mistakes made.

Have you experienced hospital blunders? Was medical negligence at play or was it just a case of extremely stretched resources? Perhaps those two are linked.

Infographic: Hospital Blunders

New blog hops will be hosted by this blog as I fancy jazzing things up a bit, finding new blogs to read and remembering to visit my favourite old-time bloggers.

I have a lot of ideas and have decided to go with this weekly selection of blog hops.

1. Blogging to Jogging – a weekly blog hop about healthy living including weight loss journeys, exercise and fitness posts and healthy eating recipes. Will open for business every MONDAY.

2. Births/Deaths/Marriages/Birthdays and Anniversaries – the life events that really matter most of all. Will open for business on TUESDAY on a revolving basis so one week it will be births, the next deaths (tributes to our lost loved ones) and so on.

3. It’s all about me! I want folks to link up posts that are about themselves as individuals away from parenting duties – hobbies, work, fashion and beauty or anything that shows what an amazingly ordinary/extraordinary person you are. Open for business on WEDNESDAY

4. Thematic Thursday – I will set a theme and ask folks who have blogged or want to blog on that theme to link up. Open for business on THURSDAY.

5. Mummy Me Time – a blog hop to encourage mums to carve out time for themselves and to tell us what they did with that time. Opens for business on FRIDAY

6. All Change – a blog hop where mums can say how things could be made better for mums and families. In the hope that policy-makes at all levels will sit up and take notice. Opens for business on SATURDAY

7. Showcase Sunday – a free for all where you can link up ONE post old or new that matters to you.

Hope to see some of you joining in and know it will help my blog organisation so win-win.

What are fostering facts and statistics and might they encourage you to look at fostering as a life option?

I was fostered at the age of 11 months and adopted a few months later back in 1970. I am always interested to hear about developments in fostering and adoption.

Local Authorities, with the support of leading organisations and charities such as Ofsted, the Coram, The Fostering Network and IFAs (Independent Fostering Agencies), play a leading role in securing a brighter future for children in care.

To give you an idea of how important the foster care industry is to helping these children fulfil their potential, Foster Plus have pulled together some facts and stats that will shed light on this vital service.

I urge you to read which I think may hold some surprises for you.

For example I found it really encouraging that 52 per cent of fostered children remain living with their foster carers after their 18th birthday. That suggests something is going very well indeed. My adoptive parents fostered me first and I am aware how vital fostering was in providing specialist support for an abused person I know. Fostering rocks in my view and I just wish more people would look into it.

As I was fostered 200 miles away from my birth family, I have many children are now placed closer to home. 88 per cent are placed within a 10 mile radius of the local authority. I hope this enables closer relationships with family members or members of their support network where possible.

As a person who has several siblings who I have never met, I think it will usually be best if siblings are placed together so they can support each other through a time of upheaval and change. 70 per cent of sibling groups are placed together which seems a little low for me but perhaps there are good reasons why.

Please do check out the infographic and share on your social media accounts. You might encourage someone to look into fostering and down the line that too can lead to a safe and secure environment for a vulnerable child in need.

Tis the season to be jolly and we are!

1. I am enjoying a little me time before Him Indoors returns from late shift.

2. I had a great weekend pleasing myself as my husband attended a 2-3 day away day thing with work. I think we both really gained from it. I had loads of relaxation and also worked hard blitzing the house.

3. I have discovered the Investigation Discovery channel on telly and am really enjoying it. I like the stories and working out people’s motives. When I studied Law, my tutor said he did not need to know the defendant has a green tie but I need to know what shade of green, who bought it, from what store etc. You get the idea!

4. I have had life decorating the house for Christmas. All the decorations have either come from past times or from charity shops ranging from 10 pence to 99 pence. Even our tree came from an animal charity shop and is one of the nicest we have ever had.

5. I am looking to a major baking extravaganza over the weekend.

6. I bought a book for my daughter today and she had read the whole thing already. Jacqueline Wilson clearly appeals to her.

7. We had huge fun making our own Christmas tree out of twigs collected from the park and then spray painting with gusto. We did it outside on Grandma’s memorial bench. Mum was a demon with gold and silver paint at Christmas so if we have made her bench sparkle I am sure she will highly approve.

8. My 15 year old has a girlfriend so there is lots of late night “revising” going on. It has given him a huge boost of confidence so I am thrilled to bits which has surprised all of us.

9. I had quality time with Him indoors walking the dogs and going for a greasy spoon breakfast at our favourite café this morning.

10. I went to see the nurse yesterday and she did not treat me like a fat person. The blood pressure thing went round and round my arm and the results were good. I am so proud of how I have improved both my physical and ental wellbeing this year.

11. Yesterday we went to see a Christmas Play and all joined in and Santa put me on his naughty list!

12. It is my birthday in a couple of days and something tells me it may be the best ever!

Tis the season to be jolly and all that!

What a funny old week! Lots has gone right and surprisingly well. On the other hand, some things have gone awry and one big one in particular leaving me a bit glum and frustrated. This makes it a great time to reflect on the good things in my week.

Reasons to be Cheerful

1. The cheque was finally in the post even if in the wrong name!

2. I picked up some freelance work that I was not expecting making December more likely to be fun-filled.

3. My son did come home last night safe and sound after going AWOL until after 9pm! At 15 he is clearly developing a life away from the family and I need to respect that whilst still ensuring I keep him safe. That sounds like quite a juggling act to me!

4. When the man with a huge skyscraper of parcels in his arms walked right into me, it did hurt but I was not seriously injured.

5. My youngest son no longer needs glasses now he is not in school according to the optician as he does not need to read at long distances. This is great as he hates glasses. He is also sporting a funky new haircut to his own specification.

6. My daughter seems happy enough although often in her own little creative world or chatting on and on so it is Death by Pokémon!

7. I have enjoyed some lovely walks with my husband and pets.

8. Myself and Him Indoors managed a lovely lunch at a country pub.

9. I sorted out a mountain of paperwork.

10. I am still not stressed about Christmas but have started decorating the house.

11. My birthday is just 10 days away and I have a very good feeling about it this year.

12. Things that would have hurt me deeply in the past don’t do so now and sometimes I am getting lovely surprises from people that I have not always treated well.

13. Him Indoors seems to have got into the habit of bringing me roses on a weekly basis and I am not complaining.

14. Yesterday we had a shopping session of the charity shop variety acquiring a Giant Beagle soft toy which caused much festive hilarity and nearly got me thrown out of Subway. We are always at our best when we are laughing and being silly.

15. I started my weight loss programme about 1 year ago and didn’t I do well?

Now you have to admit that is pretty good for someone who was feeling glum at the start of this post.

A funny old week!