Do you like bargain-hunting?  Looking for second-hand finds in all manner of places?  Will it be the charity shop or ebay?  Are you a member of freegle where you can get all sorts of items for free?  With the sunshine finally showing up, the new Sunday cult of car-boot sales provides yet more opportunity to fill up you home with life’s little essentials and more.

I used to link up with the lovely Liz’s Magpie Monday blog hop every week.  It is still one of my absolute favourites.  I am still bargain-hunting and yet all too often I am failing to link up.  I blame the fact that it is Dad’s pension day so we go off to town for various adventures.  Also life is getting fuller and busier which has to be a good thing.  However, I miss my Monday ritual and checking in with the magpies.

So without further ado, here are my recent finds.

1. A stylish computer desk and chair and chest of drawers all from a Netmums member.  Total price was £25.  All the items were in as new condition.  The computer desk is very popular with the children and has served many purposes.  In fact, the only one it has not served yet is to hold a computer but that will come.

2. On my Friday visit to town, I saw a lovely item in the window of the charity shop.  I go in regularly so the manager knew what I was going to ask about before I even opened my mouth.  The price was £7.50 which I thought was very reasonable.  However, I foolishly had no cash on me.  I emailed Him Indoors as he was due in town just before 5 to pick up the children from an after-school club.  I said could he get it but only if he was back in time.  Him Indoors got major Brownie points when he emailed back to say he had telephoned the shop and reserved it.  The manager said lots of people had looked at it so I think I may well have missed out if Him Indoors had not made the call.  So what was it?

It is in a silver colour with gold detailing.  It is a mother with a baby and two children.  I have 3 children and it just seemed right somehow.

I am sure the magpies and others can tell me more about it but I have never seen anything quite like it before.

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