I was at the Savoy Hotel in London on Sunday for the Tesco Mum of the Year Awards.

I was nervous about Sunday and not because it was the Savoy. The good thing about going to Cambridge University early in life is it does sort of get you used to using the right cutlery, knowing what menus mean and so forth. My issue as ever was how shy I feel in social situations. That’s OK if you have a safe bet in the room who you know will talk to you. I knew one person who would be kind but you can hardly dump yourself on someone you barely know as some sort of clingy person.

However, there was no way I was going to miss such a glittering affair and I was even more convinced when I learned both Boyzone and Sam Bailey would be performing.

It did look like it would not happen though.

My husband headed towards home on Friday night only to break down just outside Portsmouth. He hired a car to ensure he got here and drove through the night after waiting 3 hours for a recovery vehicle.

I went for a hair appointment last week so the two inches of grey was removed and I was sporting a new colour and cut.

I even went so far as to do a skincare routine for possibly the first time ever.

I bottled make-up for fear I would look like a clown. Where do other women learn about these things?

I wore a dress via Charity Shop Designs that skimmed the huge tummy and banged on the statement necklace that my late mum and dad bought me.

A dash to Peacocks had provided flats, tights, support knickers and bra for under about £20 quid.

I got as far as Doncaster for my connection on Sunday morning to see the Kings Cross train was delayed. My heart sank when it was announced that it was cancelled.

Years ago, I got a Cosmopolitan Magazine Woman of Achievement nomination and made it only for the last 5 minutes of the fancy do at a London hotel. Was history repeating itself?

I was freezing too having decided that I did not want to be encumbered by a coat or jacket.

I threw myself on the mercy of the next train.

Tesco has provided a car from Kings Cross so I had to liaise with them by text about the delay.

There was huge sense of relief as I threw myself into the car and knew I would be making it the Mum of the Year Awards after all.

I am feeling in a bit of a muddle this week. I guess it is the mixture of quite enjoying being my own boss whilst my husband is away combined with impatience to get our new life started. I am so ready for a new adventure!

So what is making me smile this week?

1. My husband came home for the weekend. He arrived at about 2am and I had locked him out by accident! So the reunion was postponed till about 7am. He forgave me immediately which I do think makes him a bit of a saint to be honest. It was lovely to spend time together again and to enjoy his cooking and one of his world famous salads. It was easy to let him go back on Sunday knowing that he had returned and not run off with some amazing woman and that the future is bright.

2. I got glowing reports for my daughter and youngest son at their parents’ evenings. My son is very gifted but also comic and sociable. All good. My daughter has grown in self-belief and was described as a “high-flyer” with literacy to A-Level standard on occasion. Not bad for a 9 year old!

3. I am decluttering and finding that I am able to let things go that I have been clinging on to since Mum and Dad died. They had their lives and good ones. I am not letting them down by saying goodbye to some of their possessions.

4. The sunshine is here so much and I love seeing the children and animals enjoy it. It was great to eat out at the weekend on the patio.

5. My husband is looking at some potential houses for us over the next couple of days – keep everything crossed!

I am joining in with the Gallery for the first time in ages.  The theme this week is Nature.

I love getting out and seeing the natural world.  I love to be in wild woods sharing my late mother’s love of trees.

When I need to get things in perspective, I head for the sea, my late Dad’s great passion.

I remember staring out to sea when I realised Mum had very little time to live and feeling for the first time that I could live on without her or perhaps integrate her spirit into my life.  It comforted me.

We headed for the seaside at Norfolk recently determined to have fun despite our current worries about my husband’s ongoing unemployment.

Nature worked its magic again.

Here is a picture of my youngest son which shows his nature as well as the grandeur of the natural world.


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