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New Blog Hops

New blog hops will be hosted by this blog as I fancy jazzing things up a bit, finding new blogs to read and remembering to visit my favourite old-time bloggers. I have a lot of ideas and have decided to go with this weekly selection of blog hops. 1. Blogging to Jogging

The Playground Mafia – book review

The Playground Mafia is a book I received as part of my membership of the BritMums Book Club. I love the club as it leads me to read books that I would not normally select. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut with our reading choices. The Playground

What were the highs and lows of 2015?

Here is something I do on the blog every year. It is good to look back and reflect on a whole year. It helps to put things in perspective. I always tag people to do a post using the same questions but anyone should feel free to join in. Just

How to become a confident parent

Are you a confident parent? When did that feeling kick in? Taking a new baby home is a milestone in itself. I remember the lovely outfit I had bought for my son whilst pregnant being way too big when it came to the time to put him in his

The best way to learn about maths

What is the best way to learn about maths? I had a difficult day on the home education front as I tried to teach maths to my daughter. It got me thinking about what is the best way to learn about maths. I look back and I remember playing shops with

10 ways to be a happy mum

What are 10 ways to be a happy mum? Not every mum is happy all of the time or even most of the time. I love my children but there are times when I have struggled so as I hit the teen and tween years, I am going to share some

Cafe Rouge review

We would like to share our Cafe Rouge review as first time visitors to this particular restaurant. We had an amazing lunch at the Portsmouth branch yesterday. We have just moved and meals have had a degree of lack of planning about them as we have cleaned, moved furniture and

Starting home education

Last September after my daughter had awful issues at school, we decided to home-educate her. Very quickly, her younger brother was staying at home too. It has taken me until now to relax about the whole thing. I had no faith in my ability to teach despite having an amazing educational

Changing my perspective

I am becoming more aware of changing my perspective. Looking back, a lot of my blogging was about challenging issues such as terminal illness, bereavement, redundancy, parenting issues and depression. I tried to be open and honest for my own therapy and apparently people found that inspiring. I even

Boating in Norfolk with Herbert Woods

Boating in Norfolk gave us our happiest family break ever. We had never had a boating holiday before but we can't wait to get back on board. We arrived at Potter Heigham to collect our boat with its glorious name Tranquil Light. There was a real community feel to

I am obese and I know it

I am obese. There is little point in running away from this fact. I feel it is time to start phase two of my weight loss journey. BritMums Live was a bit of a milestone for me and it was kind of people to say I was looking "svelte" "gorgeous"

Yonderland review

We attended a special preview screening of SkyOne's latest family comedy Yonderland. The series, created, written by and starring Mathew Baynton (The Wrong Man), Simon Farnaby, Martha Howe-Douglas, Jim Howick, Laurence Rickard and Ben Willbond first launched in November 2013 on Sky 1 HD. It returns to screens on

My worst bits of BritMums Live

I have a tradition of posting my worst bits of the BritMums Live weekend on my blog. All of this is honest but also some playful points and why not? 1. Trying on dresses and my daughter telling me that one I was considering was "way too short" 2. Trying on more

Supporting a child with type 1 diabetes

I am delighted to interview Sarah today. She is a woman who juggles work, teaching, parenting, travel and blogging with aplomb. She shares a powerful story of a mum coming to terms with her son's type 1 diabetes. What is the striking story you have to share? This is

Camping my way back to happiness

Last week, I blogged about how I was walking back to happiness. I am struck by the irony that on Monday I fell on a slippery slope (Kate on very thin ice) and twisted my ankle badly. We were a mile away from the car so there was