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What does inspiration mean?

What does inspiration mean to you? I find myself on the finalist list for the Inspire category for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2014. I look at the others on the list and am humbled to be in such amazing company. These are bloggers who are overcoming adversity or

Cheerfulness – reasons to smile

What are my reasons for cheerfulness this week? 1. Although my 6th wedding anniversary did not go to plan in various ways, my husband did get me a lovely necklace and make me one of his famous steak dinners. 2. All the children are now kitted out fully for their

Morrisons – I am cheaper

WE visited Morrisons to check our their "I'm cheaper" claims. What do you look for when you go shopping in a supermarket? What makes the experience a good one? We have moved house and were looking for a good supermarket with a wide range of affordable products. We visited the Morrisons store in Horndean.

Inspirational bloggers – Brilliance in Blogging Awards

I find myself mentioned as one of the inspirational bloggers Yesterday, I got a huge surprise when I was informed I was shortlisted in the Inspire category in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2014. I had not even looked for my name when the shortlist was published so sure was I that

BritMums Live 2014 – free ticket

BritMums Live 2014 - free ticket available to one very special blogger. Today is a day I have looked forward to for some time plotting with my friend Elizabeth to sprinkle a little fairy dust. Who wants to go to BritMums Live? We have a FREE ticket to giveaway. Last

Happy Mothers’ Day everyone

My mum's mum Sally Ann. My mum Irene. Dad's mum Harriet. Numbers of children - 7, 3 and 1 Numbers of grandchildren - 15, 3 and 3 One of these mums brought up her child whilst caring for her disabled mother. One of these mums experienced extreme domestic violence. Two of these mums struggled with depression. All of

Should children be grateful to mums?

I had a sudden memory of me railing at my mother many years ago probably as a sullen teenager. "You can't expect me to be grateful. I did not ask to be born and I did not ask you to adopt me. You did it because you wanted to". I

My afternoon at the Mum of the Year Awards

I arrived at the Savoy on London in a lovely car courtesy of Tesco. A man came up to the driver and asked who his passenger was. He did not know having scrubbed my name off his white-board earlier. I told the man my name and he asked "Are

Story of a learning and volunteering mum

This blog loves to feature mums who take charge of their lives in ways large or small. If you have a story to share, please email Here is Linda's story 1. What made you decide to take up teacher training? I wanted to be a primary school teacher at 18,

Groovy Monday

Groovy Monday seems to have arrived very fast. Five mums shared their thoughts on taking positive steps to change their lives last week. Do check out their stories and leave a supportive comment - that's how Groovy Mums works best. I have looked at the 5 ways to well being and

Dear Matilda Mae

Dear Matilda Mae I imagine I am not the only one today who wondered whether to write you a letter at all. I am not a relation or a friend. I don't live near your family. It feels a bit uncomfortable to know what to do for the best.

The 5 ways to well being and groovy mums

Have you heard of the 5 ways to well being? I think they fit in wonderfully with what Groovy Mums is all about. They are ... 1. Connect 2. Be active 3. Take notice 4. Keep learning 5. Give You can read more about them here I connected this week by spending quality time with my husband. It

Getting your groove back on Blue Monday

The media tell us that today is Blue Monday. How can you get your groove back on days that are blue? I have had a less than ideal week and sometimes felt distinctly like my groove was missing in action. The key to being a groovy mum is not to accept feeling

Are you a Groovy Mum?

Groovy Mums launched last week encouraging mums to think of themselves a bit more. That might involve rediscovering who you are and having a go at things you used to enjoy. You might want to take on a new project altogether or just to incorporate some little changes to liven

Wobbling my way back to health

I am joining in with Wobbles Wednesday the brilliant linky run on a weekly basis by @AutismMumma, a very lovely lady who helps mums support each other as they try to shed the pounds and stones. I lost lots of weight last year. Then my husband's redundancy hit and I