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Libya – a visit to Tripoli

Today, my Dad remembers a visit to Tripoli in Libya. When I first joined Ocean we set sail and had about 10 days continuous flying and then the ship's tannoy announced that we were to visit Tripoli in Libya.  So that the ship remained manned we were allowed ashore in two

Aircraft carrier landing

Today my Dad talks about aircraft carrier landing of planes aboard HMS Ocean.  It seems it was quite a dangerous activity. Flying from a carrier at sea was a hazardous task for the pilot.  I have mentioned the take off but the riskier process was the return.  At the end of

The work of a sailor

The work of a sailor. Today my Dad describes a typical working week in safety equipment on HMS Ocean. Reveille was at 6.30am, breakfast at 7am.  Straight after breakfast one made a quick dash up onto the flight deck for a glance up at the flagstaff on the island.  If the white

Flying times

Message from my Dad dated 1st August 2009 "I decided that if there was any purpose in this story then I should complete it" I hope my readers see the purpose in the story and welcome comments. Today my Dad talks about flying times from HMS Ocean. Derek "Sam" Turner and I worked together.  There

HMS Ocean Royal Navy

Today my Dad describes life aboard HMS Ocean Royal Navy including cooking duties, lack of privacy and leisure activities. The highest rank in a ratings mess was Leading Seaman.  Petty Officers and Officers were berthed in a different part of the ship.  A Leading Seaman was in charge of each mess

Pilots of 805 Squadron

Today my Dad describes the pilots of 805 Squadron. A typical working day meant a short parade and inspection by the duty officer namely one of the pilots and then we were transferred by lorry round the airfield about 2 miles to our dispersal site.  Here were three Nissan huts.  One

805 Squadron – history

Today Dad describes the history of 805 Squadron which he joined in 1947. 805 Squadron consisted of 12 Seafire 17 fighters.  The Commanding Officer was a Lieutenant Commander (Peter Hutton) under whose command were twelve pilots, all Lieutenants or Sub-Lieutenants and one Sub-Lieutenant Air Engineer Officer. Some half dozen Petty Officers were

Kalafrana in the Forties

Today my Dad remembers life at Kalafrana and how he wanted to join HMS Ocean. Life went on at Kalafrana.  We repaired and packed a few parachutes and dinghies, we swam and we sailed.  By now we had coaxed Bill Cant to let us take out a Navy whaler a rowing/cum

Navy personnel join the RAF

Today my Dad's memoirs see himself and other Navy personnel joining the RAF at Royston. We got our travel warrant to Royston in Cambridgeshire and on arrival were trucked to the RAF Station at Bassingbourne some 3-4 miles North Of Royston. Bear in mind sailors were like snailes in that

HMS Raven – safety equipment training in World War 2

My Dad continues his memoirs of the Navy moving from HMS Deadalus to HMS Raven for safety equipment training. HMS Raven - safety equipment training in World War 2 As explained before, Daedalus was the main Fleet Air Arm base depot and as the European war ended all manner of Naval categories