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How to become a confident parent

Are you a confident parent? When did that feeling kick in? Taking a new baby home is a milestone in itself. I remember the lovely outfit I had bought for my son whilst pregnant being way too big when it came to the time to put him in his

What is life after depression like?

What is life after depression like? I am becoming increasingly aware and joyful at how differently I find things now the black clouds of depression have disappeared. 1. I don't mind the house not being clinically perfect. I don't have the housework skills to make this happen or perhaps I do

Changing my perspective

I am becoming more aware of changing my perspective. Looking back, a lot of my blogging was about challenging issues such as terminal illness, bereavement, redundancy, parenting issues and depression. I tried to be open and honest for my own therapy and apparently people found that inspiring. I even

Supporting a child with type 1 diabetes

I am delighted to interview Sarah today. She is a woman who juggles work, teaching, parenting, travel and blogging with aplomb. She shares a powerful story of a mum coming to terms with her son's type 1 diabetes. What is the striking story you have to share? This is

Photographer mum follows her dream

Do you pursue your dreams? What would happen if you took that brave leap of faith? Photographer mum Anna shares her story of finding the right balance for her after initially giving up on her dream to be a freelancer. What is the striking story you have to share? Since

Breastfeeding and IQ study

Have you heard that a long-term study has pointed to a link between breastfeeding and intelligence? The research in Brazil published in The Lancet Global Health traced nearly 3,500 babies and found those who had been breastfed for longer went on to score higher on IQ tests as adults. I am not

My Christmas message to bloggers

I like to take time out as things settle down on Christmas Eve to write a message for bloggers. You see bloggers are a bit of a special breed who take time out to share goodwill online throughout the year. If you are lucky enough to meet them

Tesco Mum of the Year Awards 2015

Do you think mums deserve to be recognised for their efforts? I had no idea of the challenges that come with parenthood when I embarked on motherhood 14 years ago and I know compared with a lot of mums I have had it very easy. Parenting can be

Tricks for mums

This post was supposed to be written on Halloween but ill health kept me away from creative blogging. Better late than never and if anything, the whole Striking Mums concept says it is OK to take a break when we need to and to forgive ourselves if things don't

Questions and answers

The phenomenal woman and blogger Sonya has tagged me to answer some questions. I have been poorly sick over Half Term so decided to take this tag to get my blogging mojo back a little. What did you want to be when you grew up? I did used to enjoy dressing up as

I’m a Striking Mum!

I have set up an online support groups for mums to help us all make positive changes in our lives. It is time to seize the day, take baby steps if that is what we can manage and change our lives. So what about me? What do I need

Back to school

I have always wanted a book on parenting. I know they exist but not in the form I would like. My perfect parenting book would say On Friday 14th August 2006, you must wean your child. On Wednesday 22nd April 2008, you can let your child walk to school on his/her

I think I am an April Fool

It's April Fool's Day and I think I might be the fool. I say this as I seem not to understand what is going on in this world right now. Today, we are encouraged to eat 7 portions of fruit and vegetables per day so that we can all live longer.