This is my happy hour for mum where I consider all the good things in my life.

My first reason is that it seemed to take ages to get to today and I kept wanting to report cheerful things.

1. My husband is tackling DIY jobs with varying amounts of success but they are being tackled. He has also had blood tests and will be seeing the GP soon for the results. He also says he is going to access counselling. I certainly feel that redundancy from way back in October 2013 still casts its long shadow.

2. Although I was disappointed to see the grades predicted for my teenage son in his progress review from school, I suspect some of these are more to do with they system than my son. I fail to see how someone in top set can be predicted a D or E for example. I will be letting him continue at school but ensuring he gets a lot of input from me too to reassure myself. I am also going to really push to get him a diagnosis. School spotted issues at 5 and now he is 14 and we still seem not very much further forward. Anyway back to the positives, my real worries about whether he was doing homework enough seem to have been unfounded. He wants to go into acting, Law or politics.

3. My daughter continues to express such creativity in songs, script-writing and movie-making. She has very big passions and intends to set up an abstract arts business.

4. My youngest son did some positive work on coding this week. He tells me he sees his future in technology.

5. A kind mum has offered me lifts to home education groups so I have no excuses now.

6. Have a networking and lunch day in London tomorrow.

7. I am at the Savoy on Sunday.

8. Weight and inches loss continues and I am starting to make positive swaps for the children too. Food swaps – definitely don’t want to swap my lovelies.

9. Had fun with clothes for first time in years.

10. Have enjoyed some long lie-ins followed by late nights. A pattern that suits me.

A great week and lots of scary excitement ahead.

When will you have a happy hour?

Let’s celebrate the good stuff! Why am I full of good cheer?

1. I have lost 39 pounds in just 3 months despite this treat at the weekend.


2. I have relaxed a bit about home-schooling. This has resulted in me seeing how the deschooling thing works as the children come up with their own ideas for learning. I am starting to see that video games can teach a lot about language and strategic thinking. My daughter is very keen on writing scripts, songs and stories. She loves Scratch and nearly always makes a video during the day too I am going to return to other forms of learning after Half-Term but I think we have all enjoyed easing up a bit.

3. My teen son is on Half-Term which gives time for some good chats.

4. We had our best Valentine’s Day ever. I cooked for Him Indoors which is a relatively rare event these days. We had chilli con carne (thank you Hairy Bikers!) and the most glorious chocolate and espresso mousse. I was treated to a very pricey perfume, flowers and a card. I got himself a card and a gold tiger thing which I was relieved he liked as it was a bit of a risk.


5. I have had some lovely long lie-ins.

6. As ever when challenges strike, I have had such a lovely response from online friends.

7. Him Indoors did the Pancake Day thing for the children.

8. We also marked Chinese New Year with a special meal and fun watching the EastEnders Live episode.

7. I still need to get to a home education group. I know. I am pathetic. On the other hand, I have arranged to meet a friend, have a London event next week followed by a trip to the Savoy and then some time up in Yorkshire with family at Easter.

I don’t feel cheerful but I know it is important to force a smile!

I have got the glums partly brought on by the lack of enthusiasm for my weight loss by the GP yesterday. I know it is stupid to let people set me back like that but I always take these things to heart.

I am having a rum and coke to cheer myself up – feels most odd as have not had a drink for weeks.

1. Last weekend, we had a lovely day out in Dorset including a ferry ride and a trip to Corfe Castle. What a lovely find and we will be back.

2. I have reached out to people and now have 2 social events in the diary and others to firm up. Who knew?

3. My husband is getting a bonus at work – small probably but shows his work is going OK with is a relief.

4. Despite having the blues yesterday and today, I have not indulged in comfort eating.

5. My husband has promised me FUN this weekend. He is researching things for us to do as we speak so all the signs are good. He knows how I get so bored sometimes.

6. I may well cook up a storm for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

7. We or should I say Him Indoors sorted out a troubling financial issue.

8. I have my new to me £10 sofa exactly where I want it.

9. I am hoping to sort out my daughter’s room this weekend and to get her new bed installed.

10. You see, life is not so bad really.

I am feeling a cheerful mum today.


1. We have got a quote to mend our poorly car and it is not too daunting price wise.

2. When the car proved itself poorly, I refused to get in it. Him Indoors said it was safe to drive but I stood my ground and said I would not go in it or let the children in it until it was fixed. Heard myself sounding very assertive and liked that sound. I don’t have to do anything I am uncomfortable with.

3. When Him Indoors has complained about my housework I have just converted that into humour on social networks. Makes me feel much better. Did I ever claim to be a domestic goddess?

4. My son is going on a trip to a university next week to build up his German skills. I had a telephone call from his teacher who spoke in a lovely way about how wonderful my son is both in terms of getting to grips with a new language and behaviour.

5. I did a calculation today and worked out I have lost over 12 per cent of my weight in just over 2 months. That must surely make a bit of a difference on the prediabetes front.

6. I measured myself today and have lost 1 inch from my waist, 1 inch from my tummy and 2 and half inches off my hips in just one week. I have never felt so motivated and positive about losing weight.

7. I am enjoying being part of the Thinking Slimmer focus group and getting to know other women losing weight. I am also enjoying people linking up to Muffin Top Monday as we all offer support as we shed those pounds and stones.

8. I am enjoying my daughter’s approach to home education. She likes it when we do things together but also gets on proactively with things in her own time too. She is very creative and interested in storytelling, art and film-making.

9. After an anxiety attack, I am starting to seek support about my youngest son and how best to support him educationally at home. I am learning to allow for the fact that yes he can learn from video games. Today we discussed coding, characterisation and plot using video games as a hook. I need to meet him where he is at instead of making it all so pressured for him and myself.

10. I had a lot of support from home educators as I questioned my abilities this week. They are good at giving emotional and practical support.

11. We are talking about possibilities for holidays and suddenly it seems possible we can manage some foreign travel as a family.

12. I am getting more organised with my time.

13. I seem to have more energy

14. I seem able to relax better

15. I proactively reached out to an online friend regarding meeting up.

16. Him Indoora and my teenage son got a prize in the pub quiz.

17. I have had a few exciting emails with invitations and also giving me the opportunity to help others.

18. I think I am OK – this has taken a while.

I am a bit tired today after a bad night’s sleep and I think just generally from a tough year too. My mood is low when exhausted but that is one of the best times to celebrate my reasons to be cheerful. Yes, here are my happy thoughts of the week.

1. We had a lovely meal out as a family for my husband’s birthday in a really lovely hotel/restaurant we found on first arriving in Hampshire. It has the most lovely food and has so much to look at inside in terms of art, quotations and so on. It is right up my street and not at all snotty which also helps.

2. Both my son and daughter were named stars of the week at their new school. I am sure this is standard procedure for new kids but they deserve it for settling in so well and being so positive about the move. They are both working hard and making new friends.

3. My teenage son has started at his new school which has great standards and is a place that I can see thriving in unlike the last school. He has chosen his options including acting, food technology and history which thrills me as all links back to his connection with his late grandmother. Little legacies. He also has a lot of mathematics, science, computing and business studies in the mix.

4. We are getting the new house sorted bit by bit. I am finding it a depressingly slow process really as downsizing so much makes storing all our stuff a challenge. I have spent time today getting some bids in on Ebay on the things we need. Wish me luck.

5. I am doing the school run and getting faster at it every day by a few minutes without trying. It just shows how you build up fitness levels so much once you actually do some exercise. In hot weather like yesterday, I take a picnic and have a break on a bench on the way home for good quality time chatting with the children.

6. I take real pleasure every day in the lush green of the countryside just a couple of streets away from where we live. It feels my soul.

7. I am looking forward to the weekend. It is our wedding anniversary and I plan to visit the big city by the sea and do some fun things along with practical stuff like haircuts for the children.

8. I am reflecting on many things blogging and social media – this usually leads to good things so something else to smile about.