What are your children doing today?

If they are at school or nursery, they are probably celebrating the Jubilee with dressing-up, bunting, cupcakes, games and more. Good old-fashioned fun. Life as it should be.

If you have a baby, look at them. Do you see how they develop every single day? Crawling, toddling and walking. Babbling, first words and then telling you exactly what they want. So much potential, so many hopes and dreams. So many memories to make.

49 children were brutally murdered in Houla, Syria. The Times commentary is as follows “How the children of Houla died: they were not killed by random shelling. The UN yesterday revealed that they were murdered one by one. The militia came in the night armed with knives and guns, and the young victims were executed with a bullet to the head or a knife to the throat.”.

End of fun, end of potential, end of hopes and dreams.

Today, I ask you to think about the fear those children and their families experienced as they were set upon. How would you have felt as you saw your loved ones attacked and killed?

Look out for hashtags #StopTheKilling #TippingPoint #Syria on Twitter, read the posts or at least RT (retweet them).

If you blog, please write a post about these events and link up over on Britmums.

SIGN THE PETITION at @savechildrenUK http://www.savethechildren.org.uk/Your other option is to turn your face away and do nothing. Think of those poor children and do something positive in their memory.

Dear Joan – Thank you for your calm voice and advising me not to scream. Thank you for treating myself, my husband and our new baby as individuals with our own specific needs. Thanks for talking in a down-to-earth and humorous way before during and after my son’s birth.

Dear Daniel – Thank you for being the first to change my son’s nappy. Thank you for telling me it is normal to be tired when you have young children and work too. Thank you for never making me feel stupid even when I was.

Please reflect on #healthworkers and rush over to sign the Save The Children petition.

Visit http://mdplife.blogspot.com for more information on little steps you can take to make a huge difference.