My word of the week is separation.

I am separated from my husband after 16 years of being together in good times and bad. There are pros and cons to this situation but it is a separation all the same.

I am separated from my children not being up to date and down with the kids. I don’t understand the attraction of video games remotely and hate having to pretend I do. I remember my own Mum struggling to keep up with things like automatic washing machines and video recorders. So shoot us!

I am separated from my parents through death. I know this applies to so many people but I don’t like it. Not one bit.

I am separated from my college friends who all got fed up of me along the way. The one I do have was never a friend back in the day which shows just how odd life can be. Meanwhile I miss the others and want them back.

My oldest school friend is living in Spain and I do not believe I will ever see her again.

Today, I saw a photo of my birth family posted on Facebook. Can it be said right now that I am in my humble opinion the absolute spit of my maternal grandmother now deceased and never met? She never knew I existed. I feel that and then know that is not allowed when you are adopted. She had real grandchildren and I am a nothing.

I am separated from what I think I was meant to be. I used to be good at things. I was seen as exceptionally bright. Now I spend my days hating school runs and the drudgery of housework. Where did I go? I am occasionally through blogging and other things shown glimpses of what I was meant to be but they are only glimpses and in some ways just taunt me showing me what I could have been and am not.

I feel I live my life in a constant state of “This time next year I will be something” a bit like Del Boy and his “This time next year we will be millionaires”.

There you go and upbeat post from Weighty Katie.