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An ode to bladder weakness

Give me a break. Bladder weakness is a sign that you have earned your stripes as a woman. So I thought I would share my ode to female incontinence. It's everywhere and nowhere, lady, That's where it's at Women won't talk about it but they know where it's at Giving up across

Tips for sweet dreams from Tena Lady

Do you know how to get a good night's sleep? We all know that waking up refreshed, energised and ready to face the day is essential to our health and wellbeing but getting a good night’s sleep is sometimes more complicated than it seems. You may have perfected your ideal sleeping

Learning about prefixes and suffixes

Learning about prefixes and suffixes today was a breeze as both children seemed very confident in this area. My son immediately gave the example of how the prefix "un" changes the meaning of the word "detectable". We looked at the prefixes "tele" "auto" and "anti" with the help of a

Let’s talk about our vaginas!

Do you feel embarrassed when it comes to your intimate health? What if I said it was time to talk about our vaginas, bladders and other bits? You see I pose that question and already feel a little anxious that you might ask me about mine. I blog in an

My worst bits of BritMums Live

I have a tradition of posting my worst bits of the BritMums Live weekend on my blog. All of this is honest but also some playful points and why not? 1. Trying on dresses and my daughter telling me that one I was considering was "way too short" 2. Trying on more

Who wants a free ticket to BritMums Live 2015?

I am giving away a free ticket to BritMums Live 2015. You can find out all about this exciting event on the BritMums website. I am guessing you already know about the event but in case you don’t, it is a brilliant coming together of bloggers, social media folks and brands. Think