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Taking things for granted – Best Boot Forward 8

Taking things for granted is one of the themes set for us by the lovely Chloe this week as we celebrate Best Boot Forward week 8.

Love Letter

One thing I and other women can take for granted is that the Best Boot Forward network will always have your back in challenging times and be there as virtual cheerleaders as you make positive changes to your life and world.

Back to my personal take on Chloe’s questions this week.

What do you take for granted? Do you take something or someone for granted and how does that effect your outlook on life? Could appreciating something or someone a little more help improve things for yourself or those around you? Is being able to take something for granted a total positive in your life too?

I think it is all too easy to take the people around you for granted. I think it happens a lot in family life and that it is a shame. It is only recently that I have started to realise that whilst feeling unappreciated myself, I was guilty of taking my husband for granted. I appreciate him more these days as we pursue a new adventure together. He is funny, he is caring if a little clumsy in how he expresses that sometimes and he gets me where I need to be and nearly always son time both literally and metaphorically.

I also think I have taken for granted that my children will always be around and that sometimes that can lead to a little neglect in putting other things above spending quality time with them. As they get older and will soon be making their own moves into the world, I need to cherish the now that I have with them. Work and other stuff should sometimes take a back seat.

Finally, I think I have taken relative good health for granted. That led to me not looking at my needs enough in a quest to be a perfect partner, parent and worker. As I hit middle-age, I need to realise the body is more vulnerable and to treat is at the shrine that it should be.

Could you change a habit to improve your life? Giving something up can be extremely difficult, particularly when we think about habits such as smoking, negative thought patterns or cake eating. Could you shake up your routine a tiny bit to change your habits or perhaps you could look at cutting down? What rituals allow you to partake in a “vice” and how could you avoid that?

I have changed my habits a lot recently and live a far more balanced and happy life. I am cutting down my alcohol limit aware that our new social life could take its toll on my liver. I am strong-minded enough to not be bothered when friends criticise me for sticking to soft drinks.

Negative thought patterns are all but gone although weirdly in very recent weeks, I have really hated my body. I can of course change how it looks but I am not quite sure where the self-denigration on my levels of attractiveness has come from in the last month or so.

I am looking forward to warmer weather so I can incorporate far more time outdoors in a comfortable way – it is freezing at the moment!

What good habits do you have or could you get into? Do you have a great morning routine which sets you up for the day or would you like to pick up a better work ethos? What practical steps can you take to get into these good habits. What advice would you offer to others on making good practices?

I think I have answered some of this above, another bad habit of mine! I don’t think I have ever had a morning routine really always counting it as a victory to get out of bed to be honest. I work hard but learn to do this at a more relaxed pace these days knowing the world really will not end if I take a break. I would like to look at my daily schedule to ensure there is more input with the children both on the fun and learning fronts. I also want to make a list to ensure the housework gets done to some sort of timetable rather than in a haphazard manner.

My advice to others on making good practices is to ensure your mental and physical health is at its best first and foremost. Then celebrate yourself as an individual and tell yourself you deserve the best quality of life as defined by you and then take baby steps to create it. Of course if you tap into a strong peer support network like Best Boot Forward, you are a huge step ahead of the life game already.

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