The Best Places in Greece to Plan a Tailor-Made Tour

When people go on vacation, the idea is that they will use this time to both relax and explore the city. However, a travel agent knows not to follow general ideas blindly because the ideas and wants of every traveler are unique.

The best thing that agents can do to accommodate these wants is to create personalized tours. These tours can be successful if an experienced tour operator takes on the job to plan them. It goes without saying that tour operators cannot know everything about every place on Earth. The tailored-made travel services in Greece by Travelway Europe guarantee that people will get to explore and discover the country on their own terms. One of the first things that the tour operator has to decide is where the tour is going to take place. Are you ready to discover the best places for a tour in Greece?


Travelers who love visiting museums and archeological sites must be taken to Athens. The capital of Greece is full of historic buildings and sites. Even if they go out for a walk there, they are bound to come across an ancient discovery displayed somewhere in the city. What is even greater is that there are many ancient theaters and temples in areas close to Athens. A day trip there will not only raise their enthusiasm but also make them appreciate nature. An alternative option for a place full of museums and historic monuments is Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece.


Greece is famous for its islands, so it is safe to say that travelers would like to get a taste of “life” on a Greek island. Crete made it to this list because besides the numerous beautiful beaches, it is an island with rich ancient and contemporary history. You will get to visit Knossos and wander around the ruins of the ancient town, learn all about the Cretan culture and taste delicious local products. Crete is the largest island in Greece, meaning that it has to offer whatever an inland city does.


For travelers who want to try everything, Katerini is the place to go. The vicinity of Katerini, the capital city of a northern regional unit, provides a plethora of activities for all kinds of tourists. There are two mountains in the area, Pieria and Olympus. You might have heard of Olympus before since not only is it the tallest mountain in Greece but also according to ancient Greek mythology, it was the home of gods and goddesses. Besides hiking, you will find beautiful villages and excellent ski resorts on the mountains. The fact that Katerini is a coastal area provides people with many stunning beaches to swim at. And for those who want to learn about history, a visit to the ancient town of Dios is a must.

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