The Eclipse 2015 – reflections for mums

Did you enjoy the Eclipse 2015?


It got me thinking about the life experiences of mums.

There are times in our lives when the individual spirit and qualities we hold are obscured a little. Sometimes, life throws something at us that makes the skies dark for a while. We can feel cold and hopeless. It can be a quick rush into blackness.

There is light even on the days when it is not quite visible to us.

It can be dangerous to force ourselves to look at that light. However, we can take baby steps towards it making little changes every day. I set up Striking Mum to help myself and other mums to toddle in the direction of a brighter future.

Most days we have a choice. We can think everything is a bad omen and our best times are over. It would do us far more good to face the future with excitement.

Does an Eclipse mean the light is being eaten and the end is nigh?

Or should we face it with butterflies of the right type proactively seeking out what might come next?

Sometimes stuff just happens and we can give it too much meaning. King Henry died in 1133AD. Was it the Eclipse that caused it or was his time just up?

So this week’s questions are …

1. How have you changed since the last total eclipse of the sun in August 1999?

2. Has anything obscured your light? What was it and how did it get that power over you?

3. Are you going through dark days now? What can help you move forwards? Who can help?

4. Where do you want your life to look like in 2026 when the next Eclipse heads our way? What can you do today to help you move towards that?

In case you were wondering, it is not the end. If you take control and seek support, it may well be your best beginning.

Please link up any post that shows you are taking baby or huge steps to change your life or have a go at the questions above. Roll up if you see yourself as one of the Striking Mums – all mums welcome!

6 thoughts on “The Eclipse 2015 – reflections for mums”

  1. I will try and do a post answering these questions. I don’t know why people keep saying that the next eclipse is in 26 years as there is another one on 4th April this year as they always come in pairs. Yes, the next one may not be a SOLAR eclipse but it is indeed an eclipse.
    Liska xx

  2. I love these posts, but reflecting on the past 16 years is just too painful. All I can do – as you suggest – is take things day by day, and make little changes as I feel able x

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