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Holiday in Cornwall

I was not at all sure what to post about for the Gallery theme of A Happy Memory this week. Wedding, babies, erm …

Then out of the blue yesterday I got an email from Him Indoors telling me he had found a memory stick at work with some photographs of our holiday in Cornwall I have looked through and decided to go with some of these partly because looking back, I think this holiday marked my exit from the horrors of post-natal depression so if anything they mark a time when I remembered how to be happy again.

Number one son was happy as the holiday involved riding on and looking at trains.

My little girl had her first ride on a horse leading to a passion for all things horses and ponies.

My baby boy got into wheels in a big way.

We visited Gweek Seal Sanctuary which I had last visited as a little girl on holiday with my parents. Mum and Dad took me there in the first week and I loved it especially the seal who had been shot through the head and spent his time bobbing up and down. I insisted on going back in the second week and wrote to the owners who were kind enough to send me a signed book. A big deal for me back then.

The sanctuary is much bigger now but it was great to take my own children back there.

We visited new places like the Eden Project.

Land’s End gave us pirates, helicopers, boats and Doctor Who.

On the way back home, we stopped off at a pony sanctuary. It was cold and bought some wonderful jackets for the younger children. I remember this photograph being taken and how I was striding forwards purposefully actually thinking that I would make a fresh start when I got home.

What happened? Well, we relocated, I got a new job and we got married. So this holiday marked a revival of sorts and I now feel ready for another one.

Looking at these photographs reminds me that I have avoided having my photograph taken for some years now. That is going to change so be warned, you may see more of me on this blog. After all, if I really am going to lose all this weight, I do need to have the before photographs!

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16 thoughts on “Holiday in Cornwall

  1. I’m the same I stay out of photos if I can.
    Looks like a wonderful holiday – how lovely it was the start of happier times.

  2. There is something wonderful about taking our children back to the places we enjoyed as children. What a wonderful memory marking a happy landmark in your life.

  3. That’s gorgeous. I love that a holiday can be remembered as a turning point out of PND. I love all of the Firsts that you and the children experienced on this trip and I love Cornwall – roll on next summer eh?

  4. Awww some great photos. It’s so nice taking a trip down memory lane. I went to the Seal Sanctuary in Gweek this week! I haven’t been since I was a little girl even though it’s so close to my house. It was nice going back now with my daughter and seeing what she made of it. It sounds like you had a beautiful holiday. Thank you for sharing with #whatevertheweather xx

  5. It looks like a wonderful holiday full of so many happy memories, lovely photographs! I think it’s important to get into the photo’s too, I have recently been making an effort to get more selfies of me and the boys when out and photos of all of us together so we can have more family photos too, otherwise the boys won’t remember that we were all there having fun as a family. Good luck on the weight loss, I am thinking about it too, but not making much effort unfortunately! Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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