[The Medical Cannabis Patient’s Guide for US Travel: What You Must Know]


Traveling with cannabis, even when you have a prescription for medical cannabis, can be a special challenge.

The reason for this is because it’s not universally legal in the United States.

Plus, the laws for it are different from state to state.

This means that in some states, you can travel with it without really worrying about it—whereas, in other states, you really need to be careful not to break any rules or to carry more cannabis than you’re legally allowed to carry.

In some states, it’s even legal recreationally–and in those states, you really only need to make sure you’re following the few guidelines that are in place.

What’s even more frustrating is that this can get even more complicated at airports.

Even if cannabis is legal in that state, that airport may not allow cannabis in certain amounts due to the fact that the federal laws are different than the state laws.

So it’s really just a hodgepodge of complicated situations that you need to overcome if you want to travel with your medical cannabis.

So in this guide, we’re going to discuss five steps that you can take to help you with this complicated process, starting today.

Let’s dive into it.

1. Understand The Rules Where You’re Going

Obviously, if you have medical marijuana in your home state, then it’s legal to get in that state.

We’re also going to assume that you’ve been following the laws and that you understand the law at home.

Therefore, you know what you’re dealing with on that front.

However, understanding the law pertaining to your destination is equally important.

Make sure that you do your research.

Do they even allow medical cannabis there?

Do you need to get a medical cannabis card specifically for that state?

If you want to travel with your cannabis while in that state, these are all important questions you need answers for.

2. Understand The Airport Rules

Airports will all have slightly different rules about medical marijuana.

Veriheal describes it like this:

“When it comes to flying, you will have to research what the regulations are for each individual airline and airport, as well as the rules for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). While TSA is focused on finding threats, they will allow certain medications such as Epidiolex and hemp-based CBD. However, they have to report any discoveries of illegal substances to the authorities. Some airports provide ‘amnesty boxes’ for passengers to discreetly dispose of their cannabis products.”

The best way to figure out the rules at any given airport is to visit their website and read up on their policies.

Some airports have procedures for medical marijuana.

However, you can also call customer service and ask them about travel restrictions and cannabis.

It’s just really important to understand what the process is so that you can navigate it successfully.

3. Don’t Try To Hide Anything

If you’re tempted to try to sneak your medical marijuana through airport security, just don’t do it.

The legal entanglements you could face for breaking the rules just aren’t worth it.

This could be an expensive and stressful mess to untangle for yourself!

4. Be Aware Of How Much You’re Carrying

Just like the rules for marijuana are different in different states, the rules for amounts of cannabis that you can carry are also different.

Make sure that you understand any weight and/or amount requirements before traveling.

Sometimes, this is easy to overlook.

5. If In Doubt, Make An Alternate Plan

Sometimes, it’s just better to plan on getting your cannabis on-location rather than traveling with it.

This is especially true if you’re going to need to fly, and if you’re going to need to go through an airport that has very stringent cannabis restrictions or bans.

You may need to call ahead and connect with a different doctor in order to fulfill your medical cannabis goals on location—but that’s definitely better than breaking the rules and running into trouble during the trip.

It’s a tough process. But hey—where there’s a will, there’s a way!


Hopefully, these five tips have helped you to understand a consistent, useful strategy for traveling with cannabis in a world where cannabis laws are getting more confusing by the day.

Good luck, and happy trails!











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