Modern Face Of Marriage

The Modern Face of Marriage

The Modern Face of Marriage is of course very different than how marriage was in the past.

Marriage in the past

My Mum and Dad married in 1950 and as in many marriages of that era, it really was until death us do part. What an achievement to stick together for almost 60 years through good times and bad sharing the joys and the challenges. Dad was the main breadwinner and expected mum to stay at home at least until the children went to school.

The  modern face of marriage

It saddens me a little that people go up the aisle thinking already that they might get divorced if things don’t work out. Although I think it is great that people can escape an unhappy marriage particularly if violence or abuse is an issue, the romantic in me still yearns for the happy ever after for everyone.


When Mum and Dad got married their religions were different and that was an issue in a way that it would not be nowadays or I hope not anyway. Their wedding day was lovely but simple and not the huge ostentatious affairs that seem to be the norm these days despite so many in the UK being cash-strapped.

Living together

People often wait longer to get married these days both in terms of age and in terms of length of relationship. I was 10 years in to my partnership (and 3 babies!) before we got round to putting a ring on it. It is easier to just live together these days as people don’t bat an eyelid about that arrangement and are less judgemental.

Because divorce is readily available, more and more people have multiple marriages. I did not dream of marrying a man who had an ex-wife but that is how it turned out when Cupid decided to sling one of those arrows. If you are interested in reasons people decide to divorce, have the answers.

Modern Face Of Marriage

During our relationship, there have been times when my husband earned more and times when I did. I have worked, run a business and spent time as a stay at home mum largely due to the unavailability of reliable and affordable childcare.

Although I am a feminist, I often wonder if life was easier for wives when roles were more clearly defined. I can’t be the only woman who tries to combine income-generation, parenting and domestic goddess attempts often feeling the Jackie of All Trades and the Mistress of None.

Same-sex marriage

Of course there is one huge and welcome change in that same-sex couple can now express their commitment to each other in a public ceremony.

I think the real truth about the modern face of marriage is that it varies from couple to couple but thinking about the older couples I have known, I think that always applied really. We are individuals after all and have to navigate the ultimate partnership that marriage brings carefully.

There were 247,372 marriages between opposite sex couples in 2014 and 4,850 marriages between same sex couples in 2014. It appears that whatever the modern face of marriage, lots of us are still keen on the institution and the concept of our own Big Day.

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