The Revival of Groovy Women

Are you a woman who wants to make changes in your life?

You might know exactly what you want to do.  You might have a few ideas that you would like to investigate further. You may be feeling a bit down and just sense that there must be more to life that what you have currently. With lockdown going and restrictions easing after the pandemic, how will your carve your new normal and your future?

Groovy Women can help!



Groovy Women does not tell you what to wish for.  You are a very special individual (whether you currently feel that way or not).  You are unique with your own hopes, dreams and aspirations even if they appear faint right now.

Groovy Mums is tried and tested – it has helped people before.  There is no reason it can’t help you too.  It is a sign of strength to say that you could actually do with a bit of support and the input of other women as you move forwards.

So how does it work?

Write about what your life is like now and more vitally how you would like it to change.  Don’t allow negative self-talk! Dream your wildest dreams.  You never know. What makes you so all-powerful that you just know things won’t work out?

If you are a blogger, share your blog post with the hashtag #groovywomen

It does not matter what the dream is.  When I started Groovy Mums years ago, going for a walk every day felt impossible as I was so low due to post-natal depression.   If you had said then that the journey would eventually see me crossing the Atlantic, working for companies like Virgin and BritMums or spending 4 years living in France, I would have told you that you were mad.  Incredibly positive things can and do happen every day.  For some people that will be about going out a little bit more.  For others it will be about volunteering, leaving or starting a relationship, employment, business, study, sport or hobbies..  For all Groovy Women, it will be about changing their own world.

I have realised that getting groovy is an ongoing journey and that it is important to celebrate every baby step as well as the bigger achievements.

I am starting over after the collapse of my marriage and relocation. I don’t have all the answers but I know the peer support women offer each other is immense.


Link up your blog post below or leave a comment telling me where to find it. Please link back to this blog post in your own blog. I will be creating a fun badge for this blog hop but if anyone is a design whizz and wants to volunteer to do one, even better! Please visit as many of the linked up posts as you can and leave a supportive comment when you are able.

Social Media fans

Share a tweet or post on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #groovywomen

If you don’t use social media or blog, just write something for yourself and take inspiration from other Groovy Women. We’d love you to share a comment on this blog post telling us about you and what you hope to change in your life and how we might help.

Focus on write not right! Nobody is perfect – we are all works in progress.

You may well be amazed at the amount of ideas, tips and support coming your way.

What happens next?

I write an inspirational blog post every week giving you things to reflect and/or take action on as you see fit. I’ll share stories from other women that make you see what can happen for you.

If there is a wish for it, we can look at Twitter chats and a Whatsapp and Facebook group.

Let the magic begin!

I really welcome your thoughts and feelings on the revival of Groovy Women.

Comment or email me anytime.




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